Ambition In Glass

From the Navan Road in Dublin, Ambition in Glass were Paul Lacey (guitar), Dave Drum (bass), Martin Creighton (vocals), and Alan Hynes (keyboards). They were active from 1981-1984, with Hugo Fitzgerald taking over on bass in late 1984. They recorded one 12″ single for Rough Trade records, “Body and Soul” (1982). In late 1984 Paul Lacey and Martin Creighton left to form Tower Of Babel. Dave Drum, Alan Hynes and Hugo Fitzgerald went on to form The Fireworks Factory.

Ambition In Glass recorded a Fanning session on 30th April 1984 featuring the tracks ‘On This Day’, ‘Dream The Clouds’ and ‘Oratorio’. All I could find however is this untitled clip. If you know more or have a copy of the session please get in touch.

10 Responses to “Ambition In Glass”

  1. buenisimo

  2. Hi, really excellent, do you have the 12″ from ambition in glass?

    All the best.


  3. Fanning Sessions Says:

    I don’t have the 12″. I spoke to one band member who didnt have it either..

  4. hi there,

    Firework hugo here we are still trying to track down that 12, i will check with the other lads from the band see if any of them have a copy, I live in the west coast of America now and dont get home often to speak with the other members .


  5. Hello There. There was only ever one test pressing of this 12 inch. It was never released to the public domain. I believe it’s gone to a better place and hopefully Martin has it by his side. It did have a seriously fantastic cover design if I remember correctly.



  6. Hi Paul, thanks for the post, do you have any of the tracks from the 12″ as Mp3’s or any of the fanning tracks you did as Mp3’s as I would love to hear them for old time sake.


  7. I was part of the band, playing keyboards for a couple of years before leaving for California in 1984. I have great memories of playing with boys especially at the Trinity Battle Of The Bands. I think we came in second to a student band. So Sad to hear about Martin a couple of years ago. He and my Brother Frank worked at UCD together in the early 1980’s. Hello “lassie” if you see this.

  8. 1988 Tower Of Babel session featuring two member of Ambition In Glass

  9. hello
    do you have the ambition in glass fanning session mentioned above by any chance? If so can you post here


  10. Yes we have the 12″ tracked down now, you can hear some of the songs now through the following website under “Ambition in Glass”

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