Kitty, Daisy & Lewis


I’ve been a regular gig attendee since I first got the adrenaline rush of watching a great live act. I’m an aging a gig junkie now, and have seen all sorts of bands many of whom were overly loud disappointments. Every now and again though an act comes along that blows away the memory of those disappointing shows and keeps me hooked on these late night excursions. I was lucky enough to catch Kitty, Daisy & Lewis on their first Irish tour and the anticipation in the audience was palpable. That could have been of my part because I’ve been a fan ever since I first saw their version of the Canned Heat tune ‘Going Up The Country‘. When they finally came on stage they hit the ground running and proceeded to entertain all with an upbeat selection of tunes. They may look like a rockabilly band but they’re not. They do play a mix of rock, folk, blues and ska on a selection of instruments which hark back to the day before everything went digital. The touring band consists not only of the two sisters Kitty and Daisy and brother Lewis but also father Graeme on acoustic guitar and mother Ingrid (former drummer of The Raincoats) on double bass.

PhantomFM interview / ‘I’m Going Back’ (live) (5th May 2011)

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