A House (Feile 1993)


Apologies for the radio silence of late, things have been a tad hectic around Sessions Manor. Anyway to prove I haven’t completely checked out here’s a 1993 live set from perennial indie darlings A House. Recorded at that year’s Feile here’s some Dave Couse to keep you going at least until his TodayFM radio show kicks off at 10pm. Thank you to the kind reader / listener who dug this one out.

Violent Love
You’re Too Young
She Keeps Me Humble
Take It Easy on Me
Endless Art
I Want to Kill Something,
I Don’t Care

A House – In Concert (1993)

3 Responses to “A House (Feile 1993)”

  1. Hey, brilliant find.. Just to let you know ‘Manstrong’ appears in between ‘..humble’ and ‘take it easy on me’… Great gig tho.. more?

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thank you, corrected.

  3. AintNothingLikeADame Says:

    More please!

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