Wilt (2000 Session)

From Kilkenny, Wilt were formed in 1998 by Cormac Battle (vocals/guitar) and Darragh Butler (drums) from the ashes of Kerbdog with Mick Murphy (bass) completing the lineup. On October 28th, 1999 they played Whelan’s supported by Muse. They released two albums ‘Bastinado’ (2000) and ‘My Medicine’ (2002) with fourth member Derren Dempsey (guitar) before calling it a day in 2003. They recorded one session for the RTE 2FM Dave Fanning Show on 18/3/2000 featuring ‘Radio Disco’ and ‘Peroxatine’ both of which appeared on the limited edition release of ‘Bastinado’. Cormac Battle is now a DJ on RTE 2FM with a Sunday show from 7-10pm.

Radio Disco (2000)

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