The Young Offenders (1996 Session)


With origins in Cork, London based The Young Offenders were formed by Ciaran McFeeley (vocals), Ian Hurley (guitar), Steve Hackett (bass) and Brian Dunlea (drums). McFeeley, Hurley and Hackett were previously in a 3 piece known as The V-Necks with McFeeley on drums. Although much feted The Young Offenders broke up before releasing an album due to disenchantment with the record business. Ciaran McFeeley went on to release two well received albums as Simple Kid. In 2005 Steve Hackett formed Sister with Ciaran’s brother Alan McFeeley of Sultans of Ping F.C.Discogs lists two Young Offenders releases on Columbia, the ‘Science Fiction’ EP and a single ‘That’s Why We Lose Control’ both released in 1998. These tracks are from the 1996 Fanning session. Thank you Dave Hackett for the comment below which corrected some errors in the original post. The unreleased album ‘Once Upon A Time In The Nineties‘ is now available on YouTube as are various demos from The V-Necks and The Young Offenders.

Ballad Of The Young Offenders (1996)

Once Upon A Time In The 80s (1996)

When I’m A Star (1996)

5 Responses to “The Young Offenders (1996 Session)”

  1. That’s mental, I was just thinking of the Young Offenders this morning, and there it was, your current post.
    I’d love to know what Ciaran’s next plans are now that he has retired Simple Kid. One of the great recent-era Irish innovators.

  2. Yeah, Simple Kid will be missed, SK2 was a very enjoyable album.

  3. Dave Hackett Says:

    The Young Offenders were formally known as The V-Necks. They were not formed by Alan McFeeley. He was the bass player in The Sultans of Ping but had nothing to do with this band. The V-Necks were initially a three piece with songwriter Ciaran McFeeley on drums, Steve Hackett on bass and Ian Hurley on guitar. Coincidentally, Ciaran McFeeley aka Simple Kid is a phenomenal drummer. Ciaran decided to be a front man so they enlisted Brian Dunlea on drums. They got signed by Columbia and were told ‘glam’ is the new genre that will sell. They completed.changed the sound of the band to suit they’re record company. They finished their album ‘Once upon a time in the nineties’ but after record sales shifted to more easy listening they were told by Dave Balfe, head of Columbia/Sony they needed to re-record the album in the vain of Savage Garden they realised they had no control and declined. The Young Offenders album and The V-Neck demos are now up on You tube. To hear how a label can change a bands sound- check out both bands.

  4. Thanks Dave, have corrected the post. Would you have a band photo by any chance?

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