Guaranteed Irish Wishlist

We’re fans of Dave Heffernan’s 4FM show ‘Guaranteed Irish‘ on this blog and some time back put out the word that they were looking for obscure requests. It paid off and we managed to hear a few of our own personal favourites played of a Sunday night. However it looks like Dave and producer Brendan Russell have run into some difficulty. Maybe readers can help out? If you missed a recent show why not look at the comments to this post where you’ll find a few archived. Update: MP3 submissions accepted.

The requests have really piled up over the last few months, in particular the kind of obscure stuff we have been looking for. However, we have been defeated and unable to locate a number of them. This is where we look for your help. Below is a list of artists and songs.. but essentially we are looking for anything by any of these artists, if you can help get in touch

Ego Minefield – All In Your Mind
Aftermath – Neck and Neck
Burning Embers – Sweet Young Lady
David Baxter (Ex-Andwella’s Dream)
Dirty Tricks
Emperor Of Ice Cream – Overflow
Four Idle Hands
Guernica – Orange and Red
Hot Guitars – Nasty People
No Sweat – Heart and Soul
Sleepy Hollow – Come On Joe
Some People
Stagalee – Give A Little Love
The Baby Snakes
The Carpetbaggers
The Dadas – Skyscrapers
The Establishment – The Unfree Child
The Mountain Climbers – Grace
The Poets – Alone Am I
The Threat – The High Cost Of Living
The Young Offenders – That’s Why We Lose Control
Too Much For The Whiteman


3 Responses to “Guaranteed Irish Wishlist”

  1. hey.. saw your post.. ive got an emperors of ice-cream single cd with three tracks if you want..
    also have a baby snakes album on mp3



    im looking for belsonic sound stuff.. please can you get some quality studio stuff?

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    thanks for the reply cathal, have sent you an email!

  3. Hiya, just read your post. I have Belsonic CD album, would be interested in Emperors stuff, plus any other Cork bands from back then.

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