Juniper (1996 Session)

juniper - shane mccarthy

Juniper were formed in 1991 by Dodi Ma (vocals), Paul Noonan (drums), Dominic Phillips (bass) and Brian Crosby (guitar) in Celbridge, Co Kildare. David Geraghty joined in 1993. Juniper released two EPs ‘The J-Plane’ (1994) and ‘Manna’ (1996) and two singles ‘Weatherman‘ (1998) and ‘World Is Dead’ (1998). They recorded a Fanning session in 1996 featuring tracks ‘Expensive Silence’, ‘Then Go’, ‘Never’ and ‘Deliverance’. In 1998 following a disagreement with their record label Dodi Ma quit the band and moved to Tuscany. The remaining band members regrouped as Bellx1 with Paul Noonan on vocals and are about to release their sixth album ‘Bloodless Coup’. Dodi Ma reverted to his real name Damien Rice and released ‘O’ in 2002 which achieved considerable success worldwide.

Then Go (1996)


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