Casablanca Moon


Casablanca Moon recorded a session for Dave Fanning’s RTE Radio 2 show on 21/05/1984 featuring four tracks ‘Dandelion Days’, ‘Our Celibate Men’, ‘La Fuite De La Lune’ and ‘Between The Desert And The Deep Blue Sea’. Details are sketchy but we know the band featured Garret Lee who went on to found Thee Amazing Colossal Men and Compulsion. A cassette by the band ‘Mountain Dew Morning’ featured at Dublin Opinion credits Casablanca Moon as Mark & Garret with help from Carmel, Una, Sara, Jayne, Barbara, Lisa, Mary, Jane, Lorraine, Paul, Colin, Sean. According to the Irish Rock Discography, Casablanca Moon featured in the first issue of ‘Craw Thumping‘ fanzine in 1982. A big thank you to Dan Hegarty who played this last night and also to producer Ian Wilson who dug through the archives to track it down.

Between The Desert And The Deep Blue Sea (1984)

One Response to “Casablanca Moon”

  1. paul obrien Says:

    paul obrien [dapple] is now in the lee harveys

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