Pimp My iPod (Cuid A Do)

Micheal Mee hosts a weekly show on 2XM called ‘Pimp My iPod’. Yesterday he had a second Irish special and a humdinger it was too. It started off with a few familiar tunes and then about half way through took a detour into more challenging terrain where I had to do a bit of work to identify the album if not the artist. There was one immediately recognisable voice but not the band and then one artist I’d never heard before (and a few search engine minutes doesn’t leave me much the wiser). Anyway the result was a rewarding listen and I’ll be tuning into the repeat tonight at 9pm with my trusty tape deck at the ready.

The Boomtown Rats – Looking After Number 1 (1977)
Stiff Little Fingers – Listen (£1.10 Or Less EP, 1982)
The Revenants – Ted’s Tune (Horse Of A Different Colour, 1993)
Fatima Mansions – You Won’t Get Me Home (Against Nature, 1989)
A House – I’ll Always Be Grateful (On Our Big Fat Merry-Go-Round, 1988)
The Divine Comedy – Queen Of The South (Liberation, 1993)
Adrian Crowley – Tonight I Can See (When You Are Here You Are Family, 2002)
John Hegarty – The Silence With Ease (Twilight, 2000)
Fionn Regan – (The End Of History, 2006)
Rollerskate Skinny – Violence To Violence (Shoulder Voices, 1993)
The Glee Club – The Blame (Mine, 1994)
Cathy Davey – Come Over (Something Ilk, 2004)

Irish Special Cuid a Do (16th Feb 2011)

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