2FM Studio 8 Sessions

Continuing the tradition started by Dave Fanning and Ian Wilson all those years ago, 2FM is still busy recording sessions which are now broadcast by Dan Hegarty on his show under the watchful eyes of Ian Wilson. One exciting recent development is that many recent sessions can now be listened to online at Studio 8 Sessions. There are sessions from Stano, Jogging, Meljoann, Ambience Affair, We Cut Corners, Windings, Reko, Enemies, Constant Supply, Yeh Deadlies, Go Panda Go, Cast Of Cheers, Elevens, Futures Apart, Ham Sandwich, Youth Mass, God Is An Astronaut, Halves, Cap Pas Cap and Moutpiece. I don’t know what plans if any RTE have for their classic sessions but I for one will be watching this space with great interest. I would love to see all the sessions become available and maybe we could even have a 21st century Strange Fruit Records experiment courtesy Breaking Tunes?

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