David Heffernan (6th Feb 2011)

Another enjoyable ‘Guaranteed Irish‘ show on 4FM courtesy Dave Heffernan and producer Brendan Russell last Sunday. I particularly enjoyed tunes by Deadly Engines, Cypress, Mine!, The Would Be’s, Revelino, Brian, Engine Alley, The Brilliant Trees and The Radio but that’s not to say I didn’t like the other tracks. I’m impressed that Dave doesn’t always go for the obvious choice of band or track and I’m always sure to come across a few songs I’ve never heard before. He also throws in the occasional faux pas to generate regular email traffic. In case you missed the show check it out here. If you’d like to receive notification of further shows then subscribe to comments on this post (if you comment on this post you will be asked if you want notification of further replies) and I’ll do my best to see you don’t miss out. For some past shows use the site search.

The Adventures – Your Greatest Shade Of Blue (1989)
Microdisney – Horse Overboard (1985)
Teen Commandments – Private World (1981)
Tokyo Olympics – Dance Movement (1982)
The Strangers – Mary Mary (1965)
Granny’s Intentions – Maybe (1970)
Luvin Kind – It’s A Cruel World (1966)
The Revellions – Ain’t No Fool (2008)
The Commitments – Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song) (1992)
Sweeney’s Men – Sally Brown (1968)
The Deadly Engines – Mystery Wall (1992)
Brian – On A Roll (1999)
The Last Post – Silence Seems To Say ()
Revelino – Don’t Lead Me Down (1994)
Phil Lynott – Yellow Pearl (1982)
The Resistors – Service With A Smile (1979)
The Danger Is – Rub Who You Love (2011)
The Brilliant Trees – The Perfect Crime (1996)
Roesy – Colour Me Colourful (2006)
Cypress Mine! – Justine (1987)
Engine Alley – Mrs Winder (1993)
The Radio – Whatever Gets You Through Today (2004)
The Stunning – She’s On My Mind
Anno Domini – Bad Lands Of Ardguth (1971)
The Would Be’s – Funny Ha Ha (1991)
Tiger Cooke – Rid Of Her (2010)
Vertigo Smyth – Comfort Me (2009)

37 Responses to “David Heffernan (6th Feb 2011)”

  1. john dundon Says:


    just to say how much i have been enjoying your blog over the last few months , the tuesday blue session and also the uploading of the dave heffernan shows , it would also be great if you could obtain some of the really early fanning sessions from the late 70’s which i recall listening to at the time

    anycase thanks so much


  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks John!

    Dave’s latest show features Cast of 1000s, Hey Paulette, The Dixons, The Vipers, The Radiators, The Tearjerkers. [Guaranteed Irish 13.2.2011]

    Paul Harrington – Something Good (2011)
    Clive Culbertson – Just A Little Bit (1984)
    Skid Row – New Faces Old Places (1970)
    The Dixons – Ingrid Bergman (1989)
    The Vipers – I’ve Got You (1978)
    Sacre Bleu – Broken Promises (1979)
    Revolver – Silent Screaming ()
    The Spies – Thinking About The Sun (1980)
    The Tearjerkers – Murder Mystery (1978)
    The Radiators – Million Dollar Hero (1978)
    Hey Paulette – Commonplace
    The Rye – Away
    The People – Well All Right
    U2 – Maggie’s Farm
    The Pogues – Dirty Old Town
    Them – I Got A Woman
    Eugene Wallace – The Gambler
    Cast Of Thousands – Immaculate Deception (1988)
    The Floors – Don’t Dance Rings Around My Heart
    $1000 Wedding – Younger and Prettier
    Blue In Heaven – Be Your Man (1986)
    Imelda May – Tainted Love (2010)
    The Prayer Boat – Hurts To Lose You
    Fatima Mansions – Behind The Moon
    Swell Season – Into The Mystic
    Thin Lizzy – Look What The Wind Just Blew In
    Gary Moore – Seperate Ways

  3. John Dundon Says:


    any chance you can upload the show of last Sunday 14th ?

    you might have noticed he has been giving Eugene Wallace a whirl of late, Eugene was from Limerick and a great talent i feel with 2 albums released in the 70’s check out irishrock.org for bio

    best for now
    John +

  4. Fanning Sessions Says:

    So you’re the famous John from Limerick 😉 Last week’s show can be found here . It was actually referenced in the previous comment.

  5. john dundon Says:


    many thanks much appreciated

    ps love the Terry Woods track with Phil , i remember listening to that boroadcast at the time

    John from Limerick

  6. Fanning Sessions Says:

    20th February 2011

    Crumb – Lights Of The City (2006)
    Jubilee Allstars – Take Good Care (2000)
    The Movement – Head For The Sun (1968)
    Andwella’s Dream – Back On The The Road ()
    The Vampires – My Girl (1968)
    Horslips – You Can’t Fool The Beast
    Dr. Strangely Strange – On The West Cork Hack
    Alsations – I’ll Never Forget It (1983)
    Those Handsome Devils – Hep Bop (1984)
    Minor Detail – Canvas Of Life ()
    Freddie White – Ain’t Misbehaving
    Elvis Costello – Many Rivers To Cross
    The Chieftains & Joni Mitchell – The Magdelene Laundries
    Aslan – Pretty Thing
    Hothouse Flowers – Feet On The Ground
    The P Affection – Trouble In Paradise
    Rory Gallagher – They Don’t Make Them Like You Anymore
    David Hopkins – Money
    The Black Velvet Band – When Justice Came
    The Moondogs – That’s What Friends Are For
    That Petrol Emotion – Tingle
    Ash – Warmer Than Fire
    Bawl – Girls = Song (1996)
    Junkster – The Only One
    Interference – Breaking Out


  7. john dundon Says:


    many thanks for this , another great show , Andwella’s dream – never too old to hear something new !

    the lad from the Sawdoctors requesting the Moondogs , dave is sure getting the feedback

  8. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks for the feedback John, a few more gems this week!

    27th February 2011

    The Coletranes – Another Sunday
    Morrissey – Everyday Is Like Sunday
    The Pogues – Tuesday Morning
    Divine Comedy – The Pop Singers Fear of The Pollen Count
    The Lost Brothers – Who Could Love You More
    The Creatures – Turn Out The Light
    Nirvana – Rainbow Chaser
    The Real McCoy – I Get So Excited
    Eric Bell Band – Lonely Man (1981)
    Bell X1 – Velcro (2011)
    The Four Of Us – Baby Jesus
    Duncan Maitland – Terry The Toad (2011)
    Lenny & The Lawbreakers – Me and Bobby McGee (1979)
    Paul Brady – Nothing But The Same Old Story
    The Boomtown Rats – The Elephants Graveyard
    The Last Bandits – Horse Island (1986)
    They Do It With Mirrors – Bucket (1992)
    The Deep Set – That’s The Way Life Goes (1968)
    Van Morrisson – Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)
    The Alleykatz – Chicago Calling
    The Sleeping Years – Into Sunlight (2008)
    James Vincent McMorrow – This Old Dark Machine
    Paddy Casey – Whatever Gets You True (2000)
    Watercress – Candlemaker (1998)
    The Waterboys – The Raggle Taggle Gypsy
    The Dubliners – Don’t Give Up ‘Til It’s Over
    Gay & Terry Woods – Full Moon
    Jerry Fish & The Mudbug Club – Daddy Was A Devil


  9. john dundon Says:


    lenny and the lawbreakers – wheres he digging them up from

    the lost bandits – never bought the album at the time now cant find it easy !!

    watercress saw them supporting somebody but cant remember who

    just bought the Duncan Maitland album in tower last week

    many thanks again for uploading as they go straight to my ipod

    john =

  10. Fanning Sessions Says:

    6th March 2011

    Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Geno (1980)
    Pat Damn Smyth – U
    Andwella’s Dream – Man Without A Name
    The Swinging Swine – Christen All Your Days (1990)
    The Rags – Owner Of A Loveless Life
    The Stars Of Heaven – 28
    Frank And Walters – Plenty Times
    The Undertones – Perfect Cousin
    ALT – Halfway Round The World (1995)
    The Lookalikes – Take You Home Tonite
    The Word – Kiss The Ground
    Ernie Graham – Don’t Want You Round Me
    The Forget Me Nots – So Good
    Valerie Francis – Punches
    The Gandhis – You’re Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher
    Van Morrison – Jackie Wilson Said
    The Commitments – Hard To Handle (1992)
    Bo Diddley & Mainsqueeze – Roadrunner
    The Gandhis – Hunting (Live In Studio)
    U2 – Lemon
    Jape – The Hardest Thing To Do
    The Gandhis – Lighthouse (Live In Studio)
    The Rhythm Kings – Setting Fire To My Heart
    Relish – Friend
    The Wheels – Road Block


  11. John Dundon Says:

    Another great show last night , a must listen – to for a 2nd time , can u oblige ?

    another spin for Eugene Wallace from Limerick and a 1st for Supply , Demand and Curve probably not heard since Ken’s Club in the 70’s even pre Fanning !!

  12. Fanning Sessions Says:

    On the way real soon John 😉

  13. Fanning Sessions Says:

    13th March 2011

    Fat Lady Sings – Man Scared
    Pugwash – Monorail
    Fixed Stars – Can You Afford Love
    Eugene Wallace – Slow Down
    Peggy’s Leg – Think For Yourself
    Taste – Leavin Blues
    Katmandu – I Can Make The Future
    Bam Bam And The Calling – Glory
    Lir – Wicker Man
    Electric Penguins – Highgate Hill
    Sweet Jane – Save A Little Place
    Ash – Shining Light
    Vyvienne Long – To The End
    Blades – Thats Not Love
    Adventures – Love In Chains
    Power Of Dreams – Never Been To Texas
    Duke Special – Flesh And Blood
    The Belfast Gypsies – Glorias Dream
    Luvin’kid – Its A Cruel World
    Pregnant Insomnia – Wallpaper
    Squarehead – Cathys Clown
    Stunning – Subterranean Homesick Blues
    Villagers – That Day
    Mellow Candle – Heaven Heath
    Supply,Demand And Curve – To Know Tonight
    Luke Kelly – Schooldays Over


  14. john dundon Says:

    many tks

    just going onto the ipod now

  15. john dundon Says:


    missed last nights show , was on the way to Castlebar to see Jethro Tull and reception up the West not so good

    hope you can upload it for me

    thanks in advance


  16. Fanning Sessions Says:

    20th March 2011

    Eire Apparent – Rock And Roll Band
    Taxi – Counting Time My Way
    The Pulpit – Love Is Denied (2011)
    The Revenants – Easy (1999)
    The Chieftains & The Rolling Stones – The Rocky Road To Dublin
    Energy Orchard – Sailortown (1990)
    Toasted Heretic – Charm & Arrogance
    The Atrix – The Moon Is Puce (1979)
    Ghost Of An American Airman – Bring On The Mystery (1992)
    Tuesday Blue – Love Me Simple
    Bogey Boys – Hard Times
    A House – Endless Art
    Roisin Murphy –
    Commitments – Take Me To The River
    Sultans Of Ping – Two Pints Of Razza
    Stump – Kitchen Table
    The Bandits – JCB
    Shane McGowan & Nick Cave – Wonderful World
    Ann Scott – The Strangers Song
    David Hopkins – Saturday Son
    The Frames – Ohio Riverboat Song
    Paul Brady – Busted Loose
    Fred – Evergreen
    Lisa Hannigan & Gary Lightbody – Some Surprise
    Freddie White – Pyjama People


  17. Fanning Sessions Says:

    27th March 2011

    A lot of 60’s and 70’s blues/folk this week, if there’s anything we’re missing out on from that time period let us know on irish@4fm.ie. Discovering quality new music is just as satisfying as finding the old forgotten gems, this week were played a new band called Sive who we think have amazing potential to be a real success, they’re working on an album at the moment so we’ll be returning to them soon, in the meantime check them out

    Fats Domino – Red Sails In The Sunset (1963)
    The Rhythm Kings – Ain’t No Saint (1983)
    Bluesville – You Turn Me On (1965)
    Bees Make Honey – Knee Trembler (1973)
    Peter Adler – Love And Not Hate You (1965)
    Just Five – I Will Have You (1966)
    The Bye-laws – Run Baby Run (1969)
    Nirvana – I Think I want Him Too (1973)
    Cromwell – At The Gallop (1975)
    Mitch Mahon & The Editions – You’ve Got What I Need (1969)
    Blue In Heaven – Sometimes (1984)
    The Fountainhead – Feel It Now (Live at Self Aid) (1987)
    In Tua Nua – All I Wanted (1988)
    An Emotional Fish – Celebrate
    Ernie Graham – Romeo And The Lonely Girl
    Freddie White featuring Phil Lynott – Silas Rat (1986)
    Horslips – Furniture
    Joe O’Donnell – The Exodus
    Anno Domini – On This New Day (1971)
    Stanley Super 800 – For Today
    Dr Strangely Strange – Ballad Of The Wasps
    James Vincent McMorrow – Breaking Hearts
    Sive – Sunkissed
    Rory Gallagher – I Don’t Know Where Im Going
    The Lost Brothers – Wake Me Up
    Gavin Glass – I Wish I Knew Now
    Them – It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue


  18. Fanning Sessions Says:

    3rd April 2011


    Tokyo Olympics – Shot By Love (1982)
    Teen Commandments – Italian Girls (1981)
    The Undertones – It’s Gonna Happen
    Andy White – Come Down To The Sea
    The Mad Lads – Strangers
    The Rhythm Kings – Private Guy (1982)
    Clancy – Back On Love (1975)
    Granny’s Intentions – Susan Of The Country
    Andwella’s Dream – High On A Mountain
    The Wheels – Bad Little Woman
    Orange Machine – Real Life Permanent Dream
    The Grease Band – Let It Be Gone
    The Harvest Ministers – Six O’Clock is Rosary Time
    The Frank and Walters – Fashion Crisis Hits New York
    Cashier No.9 – Goldstar
    Those Handsome Devils – Don’t Bring Me Down
    The Alleycats – I Get Excited
    Elvis Costello – Oliver’s Army (1979)
    TKO – Game Over (2011)
    Hothouse Flowers – I’m Sorry
    Emmet Spiceland – Reynard The Fox (1968)
    Christy Moore – They Voyage
    Fionn Regan – Getting Better
    The Black Velvet Band – Son Of A Preacher Man
    Great Western Squares – Ace Of Spades
    The Waterboys – Purple Rain

  19. Fanning Sessions Says:

    10th April 2011


    Microdisney – Ambulance For One
    Hal – Worry About The Wind
    Engine Alley – Infamy
    Pony Club – Diplomat
    Alsations – I’ll Never Forget It
    Nirvana – Girl In The Park
    Pan Pipers – Money And Love
    Help Yourself – Strange Affair
    Zen Alligators – You Make My Day
    Clive Culbertson – Time To Kill
    Big Self – Ghostshirts
    Auto Da Fe – All Is Yellow (Hot Hot Hot)
    Sive – Sunkissed
    Into Paradise – I’m Still Waiting
    Van Morrison – Madame George
    Luke Kelly – Springhill Mining Disaster
    The Bothy Band – The Maid Of Coolmore
    John Lennon & Yoko Ono – The Luck of The Irish
    Simple Kid – Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
    Kate Bush – Mna Na Heireann
    Rodrigo Y Gabriela – Stairway To Heaven
    Jack L – Golden Brown
    Gemma Hayes – Back Of My Hand
    Eamonn Dowd & The Racketeers – Don’t Let Me Fall
    Tiger Cooke – Rid Of Her
    Moby & Sinead O’Connor – Harbour

  20. Fanning Sessions Says:

    17th April 2011

  21. john dundon Says:


    you are a star , missed it again last night , more Kilkee with the family , will catch up tonight

    managed to obtain off a blog in Switzerland , the two CLANCY albums featuring ERNIE GRAHAM that Dave has been playing , never b4 saw them anywhere in my life and was a big fan of that white funk of the mid 70’s , showing my age


    John +

  22. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Sunday 26th April 2011

  23. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Sunday 1st May 2011

    The Movement – Headed For The Sun
    The Gandhis – You’re Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher
    Skid Row – Heading Home Again
    Aftermath – Neck and Neck
    Divine Comedy – Songs Of Love
    The Basement – Summertimes
    The Dadas – Skyscrapers
    The Go Away Birds – Green Jackets
    ALT – The Refuge Tree
    Eire Apparent – Got To Get Away
    Granny’s Intentions – Story Of David
    Eugene Wallace – To Love Somebody
    Sive – We Are Moving
    Elvis Costello – Many Rivers To Cross
    The Undertones – Here Comes The Summer
    Lisa Hannigan – Sea Song
    Guernica – Orange and Red
    Van Morrison – Come Running
    Pete Holidai – Girl In The Car
    Teen Commandments – Private World
    The Bogey Boys – Hard Times
    DC Nein – Things Japanese
    Bap Kennedy – Hey Joe
    Mellow Candle – Messenger Birds
    Paddy Casey – Sweet Suburban Sky
    Ernie Graham – For A Little While
    Wallis Bird – When We Kissed
    Phil Lynott – Dear Miss Lonely Heart

  24. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Just realised I posted the last two shows as comments on the wrong thread. Didnt notice until now cos they were still being downloaded , Anyway just in case someone was subscribed to just this thread it’s here

    8th May 2011

    The Rhythm Kings – How Come I Was The Last To Know
    Nirvana – Love Suite
    Bees Make Honey – Kentucky Chicken Fry
    Clancy – Long Time Comin’
    Ash – Arcadia (Acoustic)
    The Lost Brothers – Dream No More
    Anno Domini – June Tremayne (1971)
    Loudest Whisper – Good Day, My Friend (1974)
    Magnet & Gemma Hayes – Lay Lady Lay (2003)
    The Free Association – Sugarman
    Ghost Of An American Airman – Wichita Lineman (1992)
    Paddy Casey – Woman
    Hothouse Flowers – Give It Up
    U2 – Trin’ To Throw Your Arms Around The World
    The Adventures – Feel The Raindrops
    Revelino – Step On High
    Gay & Terry Woods – We Can Work This One Out
    Cry Before Dawn – Gone Forever
    Hinterland – Dark Hill (1989)
    Black Velvet Band – As You Go Down
    Cashier No.9 – Goldstar
    Frank and Walters – After All
    Taste – On The Boards
    The Dubliners – I Know My Love
    Emmet Spiceland – Mary From Dungloe

    15th May 2011

    The Pogues – The Sunnyside of The Street
    Relish – Something To Believe In
    Peggy’s Leg – Think For Yourself
    The Alleykatz – The Friendly Undertaker
    Aslan – Chains
    The Commitments – Hard To Handle
    The Waterboys – Death Is Not The End
    Energy Orchard – The Star Of The County Down
    Mundy – Ohio
    Freddie White – Everytime We Say Goodbye
    The Blades – Chance To Stop
    Van Morrison – Ro-Ro- Rosey
    David Kitt – Another Love Song
    Phil Lynott – Tattoo (Giving It All Up For Love)
    Bobby Cullen – Don’t Take The Sun (2010)
    The Plague Monkeys – Safe
    Henry McCullough – Poor Man’s Moon (2010)
    The Atrix – The Moon Is Puce
    In Tua Nua – All I Wanted
    Cromwell – Guinness Rock
    Duncan Maitland – Up To You (2011)
    Iain Whitcomb & Bluesville – The Sporting Life
    Orange Machine – Dr.Crippen’s Waiting Room (1969)
    Windings – Embury Greenway (2011)
    Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares To U

  25. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Sunday 22nd May 2011

    Horslips – Dearg Doom
    Berlin – Over 21
    The Shed – Craven Walker
    The Prayer Boat – Polichinelle (1999)
    The Chieftains & Ziggy Marley – Redemption Song
    Shane Mcgowan – I Put A Spell On You
    Frank & Walters – Cemetary Gates
    Elvis Costello – Full Force Gale
    U2 – When Love Comes To Town
    An Emotional Fish – Strange Things
    The 4 Of Us – Fool For Temptation (1989)
    Moving Hearts – The Lark (Self Aid)
    A House – Endless Art
    Andy White – (1989)
    Paul Brady – Nothing But The Same Old Story
    The High Llamas – Berry Adams
    Hey Paulette – Commonplace (1988)
    Vivienne Long – Happy Thoughts
    Sive – Sunkissed
    Sweeneys Men – Tom Dooley
    Sean Dunphy – The Lonely Woods Of Uptown
    Villagers – Becoming A Jackal (2010)
    Rubyhorse – Any Day Now
    Pugwash – Monorail
    Gary Moore – Empty Rooms

  26. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Sunday 29th May 2011

    If you would like me to continue podcasting these shows please drop me a line at fanningsessions@gmail.com, I’ve only ever heard from John but I know there are others 😉

    Taste – What’s Going On
    Wallis Bird – To My Bones
    Laura Izibor – Stay
    Stars Of Heaven – Sacred Heart Hotel
    Blue In Heaven – Wanna Be Your Man
    Auto Da Fe – November November
    Sean Keane – You Got Gold
    Sharon Shannon With Mike Scott – Saints And Angels
    Feargal Sharkey – A Good Heart
    The Rhythm Kings – John Wayne
    Brush Shiels – Old Pal
    Thin Lizzy – Dublin (1971)
    The Lookalikes – Take You Home Tonight
    Mamas Boys – Needle In The Groove (Live)
    James Vincent Mcmorrow – This Old Dark Machine
    Van Morrison With Paul Durcan – In The Days Before Rock And Roll
    Tokyo Olympics – Dance Movement (1982)
    Electric Penguins – Highgate Hill
    Foy Vance – Shed A Little Light
    The Rags – A National Light
    Pauline Scanlon – And I Love You So
    Claire Sproule – Waiting
    Relish – Something To Believe In

  27. Fanning Sessions Says:

    4FM seem to be undergoing a rebranding exercise at the moment. One casualty has been the ‘Guaranteed Irish’ webpage. The show has also changed timeslot and is now on Sunday at the later time of 8-10pm although you wouldn’t know that from their online schedule. I managed to incorrectly flag last week’s comment/show which I have now corrected.

    5th June 2011

    Stepaside – 10 Out Of 10
    Microdisney – Town To Town
    Duke Special – Our Love Goes Deeper Than This
    Gavin Glass – Prodigal Son
    Sharon Shannon & Jackson Browne – Man Of Constant Sorrow
    Andwella’s Dream – Four Days In September
    Them – Here Comes The Night
    The Commitments –
    The Gandhis – Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher
    Mundy – Lost On The River
    Paul Noonan & Superfly – Just Call Me Al
    Boomtown Rats – Like Clockwork
    Pete Holidai – The Devil’s Guitar
    Mary J Blige & U2 – One
    Paddy Casey – Whatever Gets You Through
    The Would Be’s – I’m Hardly Ever Wrong
    Brian – Understand
    Engine Alley – Infamy
    The Pogues – Rainy Day In Soho
    Ash – Shining Light
    Thee Amazing Colossal Men – Super Love Experience
    Freddie White & Phil Lynott – Silas Rat
    The Undertones – Here Comes The Summer
    The Dadas – Skcrapers
    The Fat Lady Sings – Man Scared
    The Dixons – Ingrid Bergman
    Guggenheim Grotto – The Universe Is Laughing


  28. Fanning Sessions Says:

    There was a problem with that megaupload link earlier today but it appears to be working now..

  29. john dundon Says:


    just back from hols and missed tonights show as did not know about new time slot , as u say its not shown on the scheduled as changed !! – 8-10 pm might suit me better

    missed the 5th June as was out of the country , as always much obliged for your continued podcasts

    John +

  30. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Hi John, good to hear from you again. Due to continuing shenanigans over at the station formerly known as 4FM I only have the second hour of this weeks show. I tuned in at 8pm to find a different show running and then when I checked back an hour later Dave’s show was on as expected. Here’s what I got:

    12th June 2011

    Dexys Midnight Runners – Geno
    The Chapters – Hip To Be Square
    Rory Gallagher – Bee Girl
    Eugene Wallace – The Gambler
    The People – I’m With You
    Nirvana – Love Suite
    Hal – Be With You
    Zen Alligators – You Make My Day
    Relish – Something To Believe In
    Light A Big Fire – You Can Love A Woman
    Mama’s Boys – Needle In The Groove
    Van Morrison – Wavelength


  31. john dundon Says:


    that will do nicely , i gave him the EUGENE WALLACE material and this is first time he has played this specific track which i really adore

    i will listen tonight

    thanks again

    ps still have to get you that CD r that i promised not forgetting May was mad busy ……….

    John +

  32. Fanning Sessions Says:

    19th June 2011 8-9pm

    Bad news for fans of ‘Guaranteed Irish’. Dave announced at the end of the show that there will be only two more shows. After 2.5 years the show is coming to an end. He wished all the listeners well and says drop him a line at irish@4fm.ie for any last requests or just to say hello.

    An Emotional Fish – Celebrate
    Paul Ashford – One In Every Town
    Aslan – Maggie May
    Auto Da Fe – November November
    Bees Make Honey – Knee Trembler
    The Blades – Downmarket
    Paul Brady – Crazy Dreams
    Michael Brunnock – Shine
    Fiach – You Dear
    The Fleadh Cowboys – Heartbreak Hotel
    David Geraghty – Tuesday’s Feet
    Horslips – Furniture


  33. john dundon Says:


    will be sadly missed , a great set of shows , i doubt CLASSIC HITS will replace it with anything of the same caliber

    but it sure was fun while it lasted

  34. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Hard to get used to the shorter shows, even harder to get used to the fact that they are about to stop completely. Wish 4FM would get a clue before it’s too late. Some slight FM interference in evidence and some missing songtitles.. enjoy

    26th June 2011 8-9pm

    Hothouse Flowers – Give It Up
    Cashier No. 9 – Goodbye
    In Motion –
    The Chieftains & Mick Jagger – The Long Black Veil (1995)
    Sive – Sunkissed
    Philip Lynott – King’s Call
    Clancy – Back On Love (1974)
    Them –
    Granny’s Intentions – Never An Everyday Thing
    Tiger Cooke – Wax And Seal (4FM Session)
    Nick Cave & Shane McGowan – What A Wonderful World
    The Waterboys – This Is The Sea


  35. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Here it is folks, the last show. Thanks Dave and Brendan for all the music and best of luck with whatever you do next.

    3rd July 2011

    Tokyo Olympics – One Step From Paradise
    Paul Brady – Nothing But The Same Old Story
    Foy Vance – Shed A Little Light
    Eire Apparent – Got To Get Away
    Luke Kelly – Schooldays Over
    Andwella’s Dream – High On A Mountain
    Van Morrison – Come Running
    Zen Alligators – You Make My Day
    Phil Lynott – Yellow Pearl
    The Frank & Walters – Plenty Times
    Stars Of Heaven – Three Kings Day
    Taste – Leavin Blues
    Vivienne Long – To The End


  36. Its like a playlist from my tape collection in the 80s. My brother is Dave Moloney of Vipers fame, and Rhythm Kings, and Teen Commandments and a couple of others I see on this web page! Brilliant playlists.

  37. I forgot about Private World. I think that was co written by Pete Holidai, who currently has an album on release, Devil’s Guitar. B side, Italian girl or was it “I heard it on the Radio”

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