Microdisney (1988 Interview)

Microdisney were Cathal Coughlan (vocals), Sean O’Hagan (guitar), John Fell (bass) and Tom Fenner (drums). They recorded one Fanning session on 31st March 1981 featuring four tracks – ‘Cack Hand’, ‘Let’s Get Married’, ‘Mitchelstown’ and ‘Victory’. They also recorded no less than six Peel sessions. Please visit the Irish Punk & New Wave Discography to read more. Update: Have now updated with the full interview which was actually recorded on April 14th 1988, the night they played McGonagles and on the eve of their Cork show. The recording starts off in mono but then switches to stereo and there is a small interruption for the tape flip.

Interview (1988) / Mitchelstown (1981)

1.Cack Hand 2.Let’s get married 3.Mitchelstown 4.Victory

3 Responses to “Microdisney (1988 Interview)”

  1. fact_check_intl Says:

    At the time of this session, Microdisney in fact consisted of Chris McCarthy (bass), Dave Galvin (drums), Giordaí Ua Laoghaire (guitar), O’Hagan and Coughlan. The others mentioned above were never members of Microdisney, but of a previous band which was never recorded.

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Almost deleted that correction as spam! Updating per comment; removing Mick Lynch (vocals), Jack Walsh (bass) and replacing with Giordaí Ua Laoghaire (guitar), Chris McCarthy (bass) and Dave Galvin (drums), Thank you fact checker!

  3. […] featured proudly on that record alongside Nun Attax, who contributed three songs, Urban Blitz and Microdisney. ‘Kaught At The Kampus’ was conceived in the full-on, can-do spirit of punk rock and sounds far […]

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