The Blades (1981 Session)

A band that needs no introduction and one that has achieved near mythical status in the Dublin music scene.  The great unsolved mystery is how they didn’t become huge. The original 1977 Blades lineup was Paul Cleary (vocals & bass), his brother Lawrence or Lar Cleary (guitar) and Pat Larkin (drums). They recorded a session for Dave Fanning in 1981 and this track underlines their quality, sounding amazing 30 years on. A second band lineup in 1982 featured Paul Cleary (guitar), Brian Foley ex. The Vipers (bass) and Jake Reilly (drums). Read the bio on the Irish Punk & New Wave Discography for more details. Recommended listening is the ‘Those Were The Days‘  box set which includes their only album release ‘The Last Man In Europe’ (1985) and a second posthumous singles compilation ‘Raytown Revisited. With thanks to ParnellMooney for this particular YouTube upload, checkout ReekusUnfare for some Blades as well as other Reekus artist footage.


3 Responses to “The Blades (1981 Session)”

  1. Josh Reilly Says:

    First night the new Line up played was 1981 18th of July apparently, night of the H block riot in the magnet pearse street, three piece Paul, Jake and Larry.

    Brian Foley joined later in 1981

  2. Does anybody have more information on existing recordings from Paul Cleary and The Partisans? We are trying to catalog their recording with the aim to have them released digitally (especially unreleased recordings)? See for current status. Any further information or contacts appreciated.

  3. Downmarket is one of the best songs ever written. Love it with the brass.

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