Light A Big Fire (In Concert – Complete)


Thanks to the efforts of a generous reader I am now able to offer the full FM recording of Light A Big Fire in concert as broadcast by Dave on his show in 1985.  If anyone has other concerts by Irish bands from the 80’s please get in touch, The Blades are just one name that springs to mind..

Light A Big Fire
Millionaire City
Danny’s Got A New Career
I See People
You Can Love a Woman
Green Boys
Smoky Joe’s Cafe
Mr Twilight

Light A Big Fire (In Concert)

13 Responses to “Light A Big Fire (In Concert – Complete)”

  1. john dundon Says:

    great band

    recall seeing them upstairs in the Savoy in Limerick

    have more or less all releases but great to have this live concert

  2. Edrio80's Says:

    Can you tell me the name of the first song ….
    Very good concert.

  3. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Tracklisting: Light A Big Fire / Living In A City /Danny’s Got A New Career/Drive/I See People/You Can Love a Woman/Green Boys/Smoky Joe’s Cafe/Mr Twilight

  4. I remember listening to this on the night it was broadcast, while I taped it. Played it repeatedly for years. Never thought I’d hear it again. Yay internet and nerdy archivists 🙂

  5. Fantastic to hear this band again-you can’t beat a live gig. And how cool to have lyrics that are so rocking still!

  6. Denis McCarthy Says:

    I’ve been looking for this for years. Myself and my best mate actually heard this on Dave’s Tuesday show

  7. […] say we stuck with the bottled Smithwicks. Anyway…. The brilliant Fanning Sessions site have a full concert posted and also a session from […]

  8. Denis Donohoe Says:

    Think it might have been called Millionaire City. Regular on the setlist in the Baggot and elsewhere. Thanks for this. Happy memories 🙂

  9. Sounds interesting! Is there a lossless version available as well ?

  10. Mr twilight is timeless

  11. Does anybody have more information on existing Light A Big Fire recordings? We are trying to catalog their recording with the aim to have them released digitally (especially the third album)? See for current status. Any further information or contacts appreciated.

  12. great concert where did this take place

  13. Nancy Wood Says:

    I do not know much about this band being as I ive in USA but I know that Mark Sheppard was a member at one time. Was he in this concert? But there or not I really did ENJOY it very much. THANK YOU

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