One Deaf Ear

Belfast band One Deaf Ear were formed in 1984 and made their live debut supporting The Pogues at Queen’s University Belfast in September 1985. The band were Michael Madden (vocals, guitar), Brian O’Cuinn (bass, synths), Sean Quinn (synths, vocals, sampler) and Gerard ‘Soupey’ Campbell (drums). TV appearances on BBC Northern Ireland’s ‘Channel One’ and RTE’s ‘Visual Eyes’ followed. Courted by multiple majors, ultimately the band imploded before signing a deal. Read more at the Irish Punk & New Wave Discography. If you any ‘Channel One’ clips or memories please get in touch as I’m intrigued by the show and have very sketchy details. One Deaf Ear recorded a Fanning session on 17th Feb 1986, the tracks were ‘Been So Long’, ‘Giving Up The Ghost’ and ‘Ancient’.

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