Dave Heffernan 16/1/2011

Great to hear The Revenants, Protex, Toasted Heretic on Dave Heffernan’s Sunday show. That Nick Kelly song sounds great too, must check out his recent stuff. Listen back here

Windings – Brain Fluid  (2010)
ALT – What You’ve Done (1995)
U2 – Even Better Than The Real Thing (1991)
Tuesday Blue – Tunnel Vision (1988)
The Boomtown Rats – Like Clockwork (1978)
Light A Big Fire – I See People (1985)
Nick Kelly – Home Boy (2006)
Skid Row – Heading Home Again (1970)
Mellow Candle – Heaven Heath (1972)
Sweet Jane – I’ve Been Waitin’ (2010)
Stepaside – Ten Out Of Ten (1980)
Ghost Of An American Airman – I Hear Voices (1988)
Our Little Secrets – Our Dilemma (2010)
The Dubliners – I Know My Love (1968)
Declan O’Rourke – Marrying The Sea (2004)
The Revenants – Ted’s Tune (1993) [‘Horse Of A Different Colour’, Independent Records]
Eugene Wallace – Slow Down (1973)
Toasted Heretic – Bouncing Off The Boulders (1988)
Thee Amazing Colossal Men – Take Me Higher (1990)
The Orange Machine – Real Life Permanent Dream (1968)
A House – Take It Easy On Me (1991)
Protex – I Can’t Cope (1980)
The Commitments – Nowhere To Run (1992)

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