Light A Big Fire (In Concert)


A regular feature of the Dave Fanning show was the  ‘In Concert’ slot on a Tuesday. Typically for the last 30 minutes of his show he would feature a live performance recording. A reader commented asking if I had the Light A Big Fire performance and I recently came across this snippet which suggests that I did in fact record said show but later recycled the cassette. I am sharing the couple of minutes that remain in the hope that someone out there still has the full show they care to share. To ease the disappointment of the Light A Big Fire fans I’ve left ‘You Can Love A Woman’ which I edited in after the concert in place. Don’t forget to tune into Dan Hegarty’s show on 2FM tonight to hear Heathers live from the Eurosonic in Groningen. Tomorrow it will be the turn of James Vincent McMorrow. In addition, you can listen to and in some cases watch 30 live sets from 7 venues via the 2FM site.

‘In Concert’ clip / ‘You Can Love A Woman’

4 Responses to “Light A Big Fire (In Concert)”

  1. Michael Mee Says:

    Hi, I remember that LABF gig-they did a cover of Smokey Joe’s Cafe. I recorded it at the time and I think it’s still in my family house in Cork so next time I’m down, I’ll see if I can dig it up. It would be on an old Agfa cassette so it mightn’t be pristine quality. Michael Mee

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Excellent! You’d be surprised how well they age 😉 I was more a TDK man myself but I won’t hold that against you!

  3. Michael Mee Says:

    I was a penniless student, it was pure economics!

  4. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Tell me about it, when I think that I reused the same tapes instead of buying new ones, it’s a wonder there’s any magnetic coating left on them. I can remember repairing tapes with judicious application of sellotape. The worst was when the tape would stop and you take it out find a concertina of crinkled tape.

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