Fanning Session Artist Index

mixtape no1

Here’s a list of bands who recorded a Fanning Session, mostly between 1981 and 1991. It is not complete and does include some entries post 1991 as I add them to the site. As you can see there is quite a bit of forensic work still to be done so dig out those cassettes and start archiving!

1990, 16 Tons Of Jive, A House, A New Dawn, Aiken Drum, Alien Comfort, Alpha Squared, Amazing Colossal Men, Ambition In Glass, Andrew Bass, Andy White, Aslan, Assembly, At Gunpoint, At The Window, Atrix, Azure Days, Backwards Into Paradise, Bam Bam & The Calling, Bank Robbers, Belsonic Sound, Big Self, Boa MorteBoa Morte, Blue In Heaven, Blue Russia, Brat, The Brilliant Trees, Carbon Copy, Casablanca Moon, Castenedas, Choice, The Cranberries, Crocodile Tears, Crumb, Cry Before Dawn, Cuba Dares, Cypress Mine, The Dixons, Dorian Mood, Dr. Miller And The Cute Hoors, Echoes Of Pink Whispers, Engine Alley, Eugene, Exile In The Kingdom, Exit 4, Expresso Mambo, Fallen Angels, Fever Train, Fleadh Cowboys, Flex And The Fast Weather, Fugitive Kind, Ghost Of An American Airman, Giant, Gimik, Golden Horde, Gradapenda Rosindale, Grandfaloon, Guernica, Hank Halfhead, Hellfire Club, Hey Paulette, Hidden Fears, Hinterland, Honeythieves, Hot House Flowers, I Forget, Ice Cube International, In Tua Nua, Interference, Into Paradise, It’s A Tightrope, Japs, Jam Jar Jail, Jimi Slevin, Juniper, Kerbdog, Kid Sister, Lark Jingles Music, Last Chance, Leo O’Kelly, Les Enfants, Little Fish, Loaded Dice, Max, Microdisney, Mighty Shamrocks, Missing Link, Modern Fascination, Montage, No Sangoma, Nun Attax, One Deaf Ear, Operacket, Out Of The Shadow, Paris U’Ground, Passion Parade, Passion Play, Pat O’Donnell & Steve Belton, Paul Tiernan, Perfect Crime, Pop Mechanics, Porcelyn Tears, Power Of Dreams, Real Wild West, Reveille, Roisin Sheeran, Ruefrex, Rocky de Valera and The Rhythm Kings, Scale The Heights, Scary Eire, Shaine, Silent Running, Skin On Skin, Slam Dancers, Some Kind Of Wonderful, Soon, Stano, Strange Bedfellows, Subterraneans, Sultans Of Ping, Swinging Swine, Talk To Strangers, Tears Of Lost Children, The Anti-Dance Men, Therapy?, The Babysnakes, The Believers, The Black Velvet Band, The Blades, The Bogey Boys, The Burning Embers, The Candyshop, The Cathedral, The Chapter House, The Classics, The Coletranes, The Commotion, The Conspiracy, The Danger, The Devlins, The Donnelly Brothers, The Elite, The Enzymes, The Experiment, The Forget Me Nots, The Frank & Walters, The Furious Colour, The Garden Hasn’t Changed Much, The G Squad, The Girlfriends, The Groove, The Harvest Ministers, The Malfunctions, The Mountain Climbers, The Music Corps, The Outfit, The Riordans, Paranoid Visions, The Pleasure Cell, The Prayer Boat, The Rain Birds, The Saviours, The Skips, The Slowest Clock, The Stars Of Heaven, The Strong Are Lonely, The Sugar Rays, The Switch, The Temps, The Village, Whipping Boy, Those Handsome Devils, Tie The Boy, Tir Na nOg, Tower Of Babel, The Train Walkers, Trupenny Opera, Ultimate Treason, Uncertain Trumpet, Up-Do-Bi, The Virgin Prunes, Wild Herrings, Wilder, Wilderness Years, Wilt, Wormhole, Young Offenders

21 Responses to “Fanning Session Artist Index”

  1. hugo Fitz Says:

    Dear Dave,

    Wondering if you have any Ambition in Glass, tracks backed you, I played bass with them and have since lost the tracks we did for that session. If you found any please forward to me that would be great.


  2. dermot smyth Says:

    hey where is montage and aslan they did fanning sessions come on dave

  3. dermot smyth Says:

    wonder montage did a fanning session .if you have any archive recordings i would love to have them ta

  4. Fanning Sessions Says:

    @Dermot I have updated the index, it is not complete and does get out of date as new sessions are added..

    @Hugo to contact RTE for “lost” sessions the contact details are here There is a digitization project underway at RTE which is converting and cataloging all the sessions recorded on analog tape and last I heard they were 3 months away from completion..

  5. Frankie and Bennys Says:

    Add Bennys Head. Cork band did session. Have tape here somewhere

  6. Really hope you can dig out the Aslan session soon! Be fantastic to find them!

  7. Lesley Kane (EOPW) !! Says:

    Fantastic! can’t wait till you my Echoes of Pink Whispers- I’ve lost all my old stuff!

  8. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Hello Lesley, RTE are digitizing all the old sessions at the minute so you may be able to get a copy from their archives and send it on to us 😉

  9. Paul McArdle Says:

    Dear Dave..
    I’ve been trying to find the session from the Hellfire Club, I think it was 1988, I played drums on it but I have searched high and low and cant seem to find anything at all.. then I discovered this website 🙂 ..
    I hope you can help me – I lost my old tapes ages ago, I remember one track was called ”Dumbstruck” .. and Ian Wilson produced it..
    with many thanks to you,
    Paul 🙂

  10. The hoover clinic did session in i think around 1990 so will try forward on demo

  11. Hi Dave,
    I used to hang out with the guys from Tower of Babel, Firewater Creed and later Stone Pony. Cannot lay my ears on any of the old tracks on any website. Would love to hear any of this stuff again if you or anyone can help. Some of the same lads from “Ambition In Glass” above were the common thread with these bands. Paul Lacey etc. Many thanks.
    Gareth from Drogheda

  12. thanks for including Expresso Mambo; the Fanning session was probably our best recorded effort; gr8 if we could get a digital transfer; are the masters still intact? btw i recently rescued a couple of Porcelyn Tears cassette demos that someone was throwing out
    – Eoghain, Cork.

  13. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Hi Eoghain, if you contact or they will be able to be able to help you track down the Expresso Mambo session. Now about that Porcelyn Tears demo..

  14. thanks Dave, have already emailed RTE archives, fingers crossed; to be honest the quality of the Porcelyn Tears cassettes isn’t great, as i was able to listen on a Sony Walkman [one of the last generation] but might benefit from some digital filtering etc.

  15. Hello again Dave, I’m still wondering if you can find the Hellfire Club session .. it would be a treat to hear it again after all these years.. you may also remember we played a song called Jungle on Action Station Saturday when Ronan Johnson was presenting it… I emailed Ronan actually and he kindly replied and said it exists somewhere in the Archives.. you were also on the show and promoted our first EP, a 5 track tape called Oh Those Lips..
    .. I actually never got to see the show myself as my Dad forgot to record the show at home that morning on our old Sanyo Betamax video machine .. he forgot we were on the telly and was busy watching the pre recorded snooker from the night before in his dressing gown.. lol. .. anyway, hope all is well and I hope to be able to listen to our old session.. it was a thrill for me to do a Fanning session and I consider myself blessed to have been a part of that, a blast from the past..
    anyway, best wishes and kind regards to you,

  16. A band I was in are on the list. The drummer I’m sure would have a copy. I wouldn’t mind hearing it again, back to 87

  17. Greg O'Reilly Says:

    Hi Dave,
    The Garden Hasn’t Changed Much did a session in 87. There’s facebook and YouTube pages containing songs from the session. I played bass with them a few years after the session.

  18. Derek Mowlds Says:

    Pincher Martin 1995?
    Produced by Pete holidai

  19. Philip Cartin Says:

    @fanningsessions N.Ireland post punk Indie band called The Saviours missing from list recorded fanning session circa1987/88 were previously called Mystic Reign and Subterraneans (name change due to Dublin act.

  20. Niamh Kelleher Says:

    Is there any recordings of the Cork band, Manhole? They did a Fanning session in the 90’s thanks


  21. We did a session with Fanning, we were a Carlow band called Sissy, we had also won a trip to play in the St Patrick’s festival competition in EuroDisney with 5 other bands circa 1999

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