Visual Eyes (1986 – 1987)

visual eyes 1987

Visual Eyes‘ was an arts series on RTE television “focused on different areas of media and technology” presented by Dave Fanning, directed and produced by Billy Magra. It ran for two series from 1986-87. Rock artists that appeared include The Village, Dorian Mood, One Deaf Ear, Hothouse Flowers, That Petrol Emotion, Azure Days, Stars Of Heaven, Those Handsome Devils and Kitsch Is Rich. If you have any video footage from this time please get in touch, maybe we can arrange a swap..

‘Visual Eyes’ YouTube playlist

3 Responses to “Visual Eyes (1986 – 1987)”

  1. In case there was any confusion, Billy Magra was/is Billy McGrath.

    All the best.

  2. just a FYI – I produced and directed the series. Declan Lowney’s series was Megamix – Tx Billy

  3. Thanks Billy, corrected now. Congratulations on the new show!

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