TV / Radio 2010 Highlights

One thing I like about the end of the year is the round up shows looking back at guests that have appeared or performed in the studio over the past year. Dave Fanning used do this and I have a few great mixtapes as proof. I also have an excerpt of one Gerry Ryan did years ago. Dave Heffernan did such a show on Sunday last and I see that Pat Kenny is doing such a show tomorrow at 2pm on RTE Radio 1. Other items of interest are ‘Horslips: The Road To The O2′ documentary on Thur 30th RTE1 TV at 11.10pm. And in case you haven’t seen it the 1988 U2 ‘Rattle and Hum‘ documentary is on TG4 for New Years Eve at 5.05pm. If you know of any other shows to watch out for leave a comment or send me an email.

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