South Of Heaven

‘South Of Heaven’ is the title of a Stars Of Heaven Tribute which never saw the light of day. Featuring a veritable who’s who of the Irish music business and such luminaries as Something Happens! and Everything But The Girl as well as local favourites Hey Paulette and Engine Alley to name but two. The Firestation Records blog has the tracklisting and a snap of the album cover. The album was to have been released on the Mickey Rourke’s Fridge label run by ‘enigmatic‘ Sean A Mc Dermott and associated with Hey Paulette a band who once featured ex Stars of Heaven man Stan Erraught. The album was even reviewed by Hot Press. This all started when I came across ‘Smalltown Reel’ while browsing the Hey Paulette archive on the Crumb site and then yesterday Dave Fanning was on Tom Dunne’s Newstalk show talking of things Stars Of Heaven and Revenants.

Northern Picture Library – Ammonia Train
Icehead (or was that The Shouting Club?) – Every Other Day
Something Happens! – All About You
Sean A McDermott & Mary Whelan – Paradise Of Lies
Hey Paulette – Smalltown Reel
Engine Alley – Three Kings’ Day
Dr Millar – Leave As You Came
Junkster – 28
Grief – Someone’s Getting Tired Of You
Everything But The Girl – Lights Of Tetouan
The Baby Snakes – Hey Little Child
Cathal Coughlan – Ghost Cars
The Screech Owls – Poison River
Muck Savage – Sacred Heart Hotel
7 League Boots – Little England
Peter O’Kennedy – Two O’Clock Waltz
Engine Alley – Before Holyhead
Sultans Of Ping – Never Saw You
Brian – Speak Slowly
The Revenants – So You Know

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