The Gorehounds

My first and only visit to Costello’s Tavern of Dominic Street, Limerick was to see The Gorehounds. I knew their music from the Dave Fanning show but what I wasn’t prepared for was the sight of two drummers. The gig more than lived up to expectations. From Dublin The Gorehounds were Brian MacGabhann (vocals), Colm O’Kelly (guitar), Alan Taafe (bass), Brian O’Kelly (drums) and Gerry O’Boyle (drums). Their first singles on Idol Records were produced by Daniel Figgis aka Binttii of Princess Tinymeat. Gerry O’Boyle & Brian O’Kelly might be familiar to visitors to Comet Records in Dublin around that time as they both worked there (Brian was the owner). Check out the irishrock entry and the Dublin Opinion psychobilly feature. You can listen to Semtex here.

Cargo Cult (1987)


5 Responses to “The Gorehounds”

  1. Alan Taaffe Says:

    You got the bass players name wrong its me alan taaffr

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Sorry Alan, fixed now!

  3. “its me alan taaffr” is that Alan of the Turkish Taaffr’s?
    hi guys, have a great 2012 (the only way is up!) and best wishes from Brian Comet 😉

  4. Is that THE Brian of the O’Kellys?

  5. gerry molyneaux Says:

    is that me sendin this

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