The Riordans (Session)

From Dublin, The Riordans were Pat Clafferty (vocals/acoustic guitar), Jill Hahn (guitar) Damien Byrne (bass) and Milo Madden (drums). They recorded one Fanning Session but never released any record, though Mother Records approached them to record a single, which they did in Windmill Lane, but alas it never saw the light of day. Pat and Jill went on to form Mexican Pets.

These song titles are guesses so please correct me if you know better..

Lay Down Your Burden


Which Road To Go

13 Responses to “The Riordans (Session)”

  1. Great! Thanks for pointing me to this.

  2. Any chance you have the Pet Lamb session
    Recorded in 1993

  3. Fanning Sessions Says:

    I don’t Conor but I will keep an eye out 😉

  4. Jill Riordan Says:

    Janey mack – I haven’t heard this in years! The only copy I have is on a crappy cassette that’s in a box somewhere in a friend’s attic in Dublin. Cheers for posting that! Oh and the second song is called “Whistle”. I think my favourite one from the session though, is one you didn’t post – “Glee”.

  5. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks Jill, just my luck, could you be persuaded to dig out that cassette!

  6. Damien Riordan Says:

    Yeah My copy is in a box in a Garage somewhere gathering dust thanks for posting.

  7. Ah c’mon Damien stop teasing! Would love to hear the missing track ‘Glee’ 😉 Thanks for the comment, appreciate it when the band themselves check in!

  8. Milo Riordan Says:

    Ahhhh folks I have that recording of Glee! AND I have the other 297 other tapes of our session recording (Trend were going to throw them out!. Funny, my son Camerons favourite band is Mumford And Sons, could be us 27 years later!!!! Anyway, I agree with Jill, my favourite song is Glee too. Cant understand why its not on the Fanning sessions master as it was copied off it!? Anyway, I have it!

  9. Hello Milo, great to hear from you, would love better recordings, please dig them out! Also would you have a band photo?

  10. Damien Byrne Says:

    Actually found a bunch of these tapes the other day. Was listening to them on an old mono tape recorder. The songs are amazing. As Paul Thomas would say when we’d be recording and mixing in the wee hours … It’s time to listen to these tracks on the crappiest piece of shit we can find and if you can still hear everything and the song cuts through then we’re on to something. He was right, Sadly we didn’t give it enough time, Pauline’s House is a gem, Dustbowl dress too … I could go on……. Drop me a line at and I’ll send what I’ve got.

  11. Jill Riordan Says:

    Damo! Just saw this and caught up on the comments all these years later – dropping you a line mate!

  12. Hello Jill (and Damien)! I sent Damien an email after his comment but he never replied! Would love to borrow your tapes Damien..

  13. Anastasia Clafferty Says:

    What a delight. I haven’t heard some of these songs for over 30 years. Hello to all The Riordans! Thanks to the Fanning Sessions for keeping these archives alive.

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