imro New Sounds CD 2010

Today’s Irish Star has a free CD featuring new Irish Music which you might want to check out:

Alan MX – Warpsichord
The Cast Of Cheers – I Am Lion
Miracle Bell – Love Sounds
Juliet’s Rescue – Make Yourself A Hero
Pilotlight – All Purpose Underneath
Our Little Secrets – Daylight
Not Squares – Asylum
House Of Dolls – Gimme Some Glory
Craig McConkey – Thumpin Head                            
We Cut Corners – A Pirate’s Life
Ed Zealous – Talk With Your Hands
Windings – Brain Fluid
The Karman Line – Salka
Building Pictures – Building A Picture
Talulah Does The Hula – Don’t Panic  
LOWmountain – Captive Blue
Heliopause – Little Ashes
Two bands from Ireland with the same name! This is the Belfast edition as witnessed by the catchy Myspace link.
The Wonder Villains – TV
The Minutes – Secret History
Brian Deady – Sun Up
LaFaro – Tuppenny Nudger


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