Hothouse Flowers & Maria Doyle (1987)

hothouse flowersOur last post featured Maria McKee and it’s apt that today’s post features another Maria – Maria Doyle, now known as Maria Doyle Kennedy. Maria is now a successful actress with appearances in The Commitments and The Tudors and as announced last week soon to feature in Dexter. The reason it is apt is because yours truly in some freudian slip managed to confuse the two Maria’s in an earlier Hothouse Flowers post leading to some excitement in certain quarters that I had unearthed a bona fide rarity! I don’t know the details of today’s Hothouse Flowers track but some investigative work suggests that it was broadcast on The Fanning Show in March/April 1987. I have also posted the jingle for an upcoming appearance of the band on the BP Fallon Orchestra which Dave played immediately afterwards. Dave says the track was on tape so it could be a session but it could also be the version used for the Mother Records single

Love Don’t Work This Way (1987)

BP Fallon Orchestra promo (1987)

6 Responses to “Hothouse Flowers & Maria Doyle (1987)”

  1. I ‘ve never heard that tracks before. Actually, that version of Love Don’t Work This Way is just amazing! I loved it so much!

  2. I have a 12″ single of “Love Don’t Work This Way” from 1987, Its an extended version of that song featuring Maria Doyle which could possibly be the version used for the Mother record single??…

  3. To add to that previous comment, As heard on The Fanning Sessions!! Hope im making sense here?..

  4. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks Sheelagh, I think you are confirming that this is probably the single version originally released on Mother Record? Some artwork and comments from Liam here.

  5. Yes, i was confirming that this was the version released on Mother records and also think it was the same version played on The Fanning Sessions?? Enjoyed checking out the artwork and comments from Liam! Really enjoying this website, its bringing back lots of good memories!! cheers!

  6. Wild! Not sure if I heard that Hothouse Flowers BPFO jingle before! Amazing site…

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