Power Of Dreams (Live on Dan Hegarty Show)

Power Of Dreams were in 2FM Studio 8 last night where they performed some songs live on the Dan Hegarty show. They also appeared on the Dave Fanning show but I didn’t find out till afterwards, should have checked here or even here. They are midway through their 25th anniversary tour so you can still catch them in Dundalk, Cork or Dublin.

Does It Matter


There Is A Light That Never Goes Out


Never Been To Texas


4 Responses to “Power Of Dreams (Live on Dan Hegarty Show)”

  1. Hi, I am a huge POD and Craig Walker fan. Would you be able to email me the audio from this show? It was great to hear it on your blog here but I would love to have it.

  2. Phill Clarges Says:

    Brilliant interview and set lads. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
    We need more POD !!!!!!!

  3. Pete Cole Says:

    20th, not 25th anniversary!!

  4. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks Pete, in another 3 years it will be correct 😉

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