In his recent all irish music show ‘An Teach Solas‘ Dave Couse reminisced about the first A House irish tour which they did as a double header with Guernica. I actually saw the Limerick leg of that tour in the Savoy but my memory is so bad I’d actually misattributed the second act leading to a hasteful correction last week. I also discovered that I hadn’t yet posted this track. Lead singer Joe Rooney has since achieved success as a comedian and featured in Father Ted as Father Damo. Guernica are Joe Rooney (vocals), Derek Turner (guitar), Ray McCarthy (keyboards), Derek Lee (bass) and Dara Broe (drums). This track was a single in 1988. Updating with band pic courtesy Cloudberry Cake Proselytism V.3.

Humming Of The Engine (1988)

9 Responses to “Guernica”

  1. John Maher Says:

    me dad made me listen to this coz he used to know father damo years ago in some place called the underground

  2. As J Peel wouls say

    And why not

  3. I remember seeing Guernica as a 2 piece. Orange and Red is still my No.1 track of all time. I must dig out all those old cassettes

  4. Great underrated band. Saw them many times in the baggot, underground and McGonagles etc.They had some great songs and should have made an album.

  5. a dorrington Says:

    I wish they had, I played the demo tape til it fell apart.

  6. i miss a good old pal from that band..great drummer !

  7. Chris O'Brien Says:

    The masters for the unreleased second LP “Duke Street” have been found. Hopefully it will get an airing soon.

  8. Steve Zodaic Says:

    Chris, would love to hear the 2nd LP. Great band, should have been huge!

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