An Teach Solas

Dave Couse devoted his Sunday night show The Lighthouse on TodayFM to all irish music last night and here’s what he played. I did glean some new information from the show and i have updated one blog post accordingly. I also realised I have not yet posted a track by one band so that will feature tomorrow.

republic of loose – i like music (2008)
radiators from space – television screen (1978)
therapy? – nowhere (1994)
golden horde – 100 boys (1990)
stars of heaven – telescope
the atrix – treasure on the wasteland (1980)
u2 – out of control (1980)
the would be’s – i’m hardly ever wrong (1990)
messiah j and the expert – check the vision (2003)
whipping boy – we dont need nobody else (1995)
blue in heaven – i just wanna (1986)
pugwash – monorail (2009)
microdisney – loftholdings wood (1985)
adrian crowley – season of the sparks (2009)
david holmes – gritty shaker (1997)
the outcasts – self concious over you (1979)
ruefrex – wild colonnial boy (1985)
stiff little fingers – suspect device (1978)
rollerskate skinny – speed to my side (1996)
my bloody valentine – soon (1991)
guernica – orange and red (1986)
sack – song from g (1984?)
that petrol emotion – cellophane (1987)
sinead o connor – nothing compares 2 u (1990)
villagers – the meaning of the ritual (2009)
dubliners or luke kelly – raglan road

An Teach Solas (7th Feb 2010)

7 Responses to “An Teach Solas”

  1. demosuzki Says:

    excellent stuff. was a great show

  2. demosuzki Says:

    i think my bloody valentine / soon. game in after rollerskate skinny.

  3. I missed that show. Anyone got a copy

  4. Fanning Sessions Says:

    high and low quality version links at the bottom of the post..

  5. Kenneth Connor Says:

    Links for the prog don’t work

  6. Fanning Sessions Says:

    That lower res version has expired, have embedded the high quality version. Any word on a second Teach Solas show from chez Couse?

  7. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Dave is doing a second ‘An Teach Solas’ show on 18th March 2012. Send him your requests by text next Sunday between 10pm and midnight or email

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