The Summerhouse


Does a 30 second clip justify a post? You’ll have to be the judge but unfortunately the tape ran out at the wrong moment. As Dave says in his introduction, he played this demo track from The Summerhouse on the eve of their afternoon gig in The Underground on Dame St. According to the IPNWD The Summerhouse released one single on Summerhouse Recordings in 1986 ‘Until The Light Comes’ / ‘Colour’ and had a track ‘Everything I Ever Wanted’ on the Comet EP One compilation the same year. Update: According to Aonghus McAnally on this ‘Borderline‘ appearance performing ‘Colour‘ the band were Kieran McAvoy (guitar), Stephen Dempsey (keyboards), Tom Rooney (drums), Jean Marc Sulle (bass) and Alan Redmond (vocals). Update #2: Adding full track.

The Prize with intro (1987)

The Prize (1987)

2 Responses to “The Summerhouse”

  1. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Watch Summerhouse perform on RTE TV’s Borderline in 1987

  2. ‘Everything I Ever Wanted’ from the Comet One EP

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