The Conspiracy (1988)

The Conspiracy were Greg Pearle (vocals), Eamon Mitchell (guitar), Keith Geraghty (bass) and Michael Dunphy (drums). Two of their tracks featured on the 1988 Danceline Records compilation ‘Swimming Out Of The Pool‘. This is one of those songs from that record. The band photo from the album sleeveis courtesy the Irish Rock Discography


Badlands (1988)

7 Responses to “The Conspiracy (1988)”

  1. Ruairi Kilcullen Says:

    Greg Pearle was the singer in The Conspiracy

  2. Greg Pearle has made a stunning debut album with john illsley from dire straits…the album is called beautiful you and is available on all cd selling websites..

  3. toxic creeper Says:

    Greg Pearle left The Conspiracy to form a band called the Gods with Padraig O’Toole in 1990 and has teamed up with Padraig O’Toole since the John illsley album in 2010 to do live shows.

  4. Eamon mitchell Says:

    Eamon mitchell was the lead guitarist and claim to fame played on stage with U2 in 1987, also won unisong alternative song in 2007 with new band mitch

  5. Keith gibney Says:

    Lad dressed in white is Keith who worked in Dowlings butchers on baggot st. Don’t know if the butchers is even still there

  6. John Martin Says:

    The drummer was Michael Dunphy

  7. Michael Dunphy { mick } Says:

    that’s john martin,,,,,me cousin,,,,from the old Fatima mansions in rialto,,,,,,,,,,,

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