Missing Link


From Dublin Missing Link were Jimmy Tague (vocals), Gerry Bennett (guitar), Dave Morrissey (keyboards), Charlie Bennett (bass) and Donal McPartlin (drums). Their second single ‘Shake It Up’ (not their debut as Dave thought) was released in 1988 on Solid Records and reached 44 in that years Fab Fifty.

Shake It Up (1988)


2 Responses to “Missing Link”

  1. Dave Morrissey Says:


    In the same box of tapes I found this. It is a gig in the Olympic Ballroom that was for Tv – not sure if it was ever broadcast


  2. Thanks Dave Morrissey – I always loved your keyboard sounds, I remember the shock of keyboards on the ‘doodle’ ep – as a keyboard player and A House’s no 1 fan i was delighted and upset at once – I know you from A House but didn’t know you were in Missing Link too! Anyway I always loved ‘home’ – was on ‘solid citizens’ compilation – thanks for the link – if you had a live version of A House’s ‘You Break Me Up’ I’d be very very happy – also ‘Michael’ by A House

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