Tie The Boy (1988 Session)

tie the boyTie The Boy were formed in 1982 in Derry by Kevin Williams (vocals), Peter Cunnah (guitar), Gerry Diver (bass), Tim Hegarty (drums). They self released a single in 1986 ‘Limbo’ / ‘Voyeur Love’ on Money Records which received airplay on BBC Radio 1. They recorded two sessions for Dave Fanning in the late 80s and one for BBC’s Janice Long. Peter Cunnah went on to significant success with D:REAM performing music very different from the tracks you are about to hear. I believe these tracks are from a 1988 Fanning session.. I also have tracks from a later session so will post those soon (here). There’s a 2006 Hot Press interview with Peter Cunnah about his post D:REAM project Shane here.

Voyeur Love (1988)

Gorgeous Creature (1988)

Mr Universe (1988)

6 Responses to “Tie The Boy (1988 Session)”

  1. Tim Hegarty Says:

    where is the original 1986 session – -classic

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Hello Tim – are you saying there were 3 sessions? I presume you’ve seen this second post https://fanningsessions.wordpress.com/2009/10/30/tie-the-boy-2/

  3. J Goldstein Says:

    The sessions above were indeed from 1988 but these are session number 2 and what you have as session #2 was actually their debut session in Spring 1986 with Tim Hegarty on drums

  4. Thank you J, have updated both posts. Who drums on the 1988 session?

  5. Michael Kearney Says:

    The 1988 drummer was Mark Roberts, also later of D:Ream and subsequent bands of Tie The Boy guitarist Peter Cunnah

  6. Philip Cartin Says:

    Northern Ireland in the 80’s was a difficult post good vibes punk wasteland but a few bands made a noise and made friends and a few of those involved went on to be involved in different musical guises and adventures, members of Tie The Boy, Donnelly Bros and The Saviours/Mystic Reign, Perfect Crime and others are still up to no good.

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