The Classics (Demo)

the classics

This guitar pop band from Dublin featured Wolverhampton native Nigel Williams (vocals, bass) aided and abetted by Scottish lass Maureen Kelly (guitar). Their manager was Robbie Jones, all information thanks to The Irish Punk And New Wave Discography who have The Classics filed under Incomplete Entries. I believe this track is from 1985 but it could have been 1986.

I Will Find Her (Demo)

11 Responses to “The Classics (Demo)”

  1. A great live band. Nigel wrote some great songs, including ‘The Yob Song’. Happy days.

  2. nigel williams Says:

    Still writing John. Based on the IOM but fighting against a fake pop culture that thinks kids only want to hear drivel spouted by other kids, managed by cleverly masked fagins. The truth will out

  3. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks Nigel, apart from yourself and Maureen, who was in the band? Any tracks/photos etc knocking about?

  4. Brian Dunne Says:

    I recorded a session the Classics did on Dave Fanning Show. I have lost or rubbed over the tape since. got involved in playing music with Drummer Rick years later and discovered he was in the Classics! there was 4 songs on the tape. I remember the title of 2, ‘Where did you get such a love from’ and ‘Obsolette’. Is there anyway to hear these again online. Thanks. B

  5. Don’t have any recordings Brian, but we still play ‘love from’ occasionally. I am pretty sure our line-up for DF was Maureen, Ricky o Connor, Maurice McGrath (later of the forget me knots) and myself. The drummer might have been Alan McGovern but if Robbie was involved it would probably have been Ricky! We also did a session as ‘the beatless’ and several live shows with Dave, and I have been trying to get in touch with Dave Fanning about the death of Ursula’s favourite guitarist Hamish MacDougal-Millar, several years ago, in much the same was as Gerry Ryan – for whom we also did live shows in late 80s!

  6. The Classics recorded their Fanning session on 06/12/1986 featuring 1.Where did you get such a love from? 2.Don’t tell me 3.Leroy Brown 4.Obsolete. We dont yet have a copy but we are working our way through boxes of cassettes at this minute.. RTE may have a copy but you’ll have to get signed permission from each band member and pay circa €35 for a CD copy.

  7. Do you have any recordings of the beatless seassion we did for Dave Would have been about 1990 and there were several phone-in request shows we did live. Whatever happened to Ian Wilson? Nigel Williams ex- Classics/Beatless

  8. The Beatless havent turned up yet Nigel, will let you know if they do. Ian Wilson is still at RTE, most recently on 2fm Breakfast Republic. He is on twitter at @toofeckinmuch.

  9. Brian Dunne Says:

    thanks for getting back to me Nigel and Dave Fanning Sessions. yes, thats the one I had from 06/12/86. 35 Euro for CD copy!! you gotta be joking! I’m a struggling musician! Nigel, doubt you’re in touch with all the other members thesedays. I’m sure you can sort out with RTE getting most of your recordings back surely! good luck with that.

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