The Fireworks Factory

From Dublin featuring Gerry Feehily (vocals), David Drum (guitars), Hugo Fitzgerald (bass), Alan Hynes (guitar) and Karl Young (drums/percussion), here is a demo recorded in December 1986 by The Fireworks Factory. Check out the official website, apparently there will be a 25 year reunion show in Dublin in December 2014.

Wanting The Crown (Demo)


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  1. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Some further details via Firework Hugo.

    Ambition in Glass were active from 1982-1985, I joined Ambition in Glass near the end in 1984 as a bass player taking over from Martin Creighton.

    The original line up for Ambition in Glass was:

    Paul Lacey (vocals), Dave Drum (guitar), Martin Creighton (bass), Alan Hynes (keyboards)

    The above line up changed around a bit with Martin Creighton singing some songs and Paul Lacey singing other songs,and Dave Drum playing bass and Paul Lacey playing guitar, all of the above members came from the Navan Road, Dublin.

    The line up changed a bit over time, the band did record a 12? single on Rough Trade Records, not sure of the date and songs on the 12.

    We later changed the name to The Fireworks Factory with Paul Lacey and Martin Creighton leaving the band.

    From 1985 to early 1988 The Fireworks Factory, played all over Ireland and in England. The line up was:

    Gerry (vocals), Dave Drum (guitar), Hugo Fitzgerald (bass), Alan Hynes (keyboards)

    We then added Karl Young on drums and Alan left the band. In 1987-1988 we had a different singer, the line up was:

    Gerry McPortland (vocals), Dave Drum (guitar), Hugo Fitzgerald (bass), Karl Young (drums).

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Have updated with the surname of the singer – Gerry Feehily, thanks to Hugo for solving the mystery.

  3. Here is the official “Fireworks Factory” website

  4. Hey!
    I’m from germany and lost demo tape about 28 years ago. Now I want to hear music of FF – but can’t find any downloadable MP3s or sounds fro sale.
    Can anyone help me? I get no answer via contact on their website…..

  5. Hi there, Chris Be,
    Thanks for your interest and great to hear your a fan of the band after all these years. Sorry our site didn’t work for you must be a error in our form must check that.

    Anyway if you send me your email, I can send you all the tracks we ever recorded for free, how does that sound?

    Hope to hear back.
    Firework Hugo

  6. That sounds fantastic!
    But what do you think about a limited Vinyl/CD over a crowdfunding project? And a band camp site?
    My mail address is

    Cheers, Chris

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