Geoffrey’s First Affair

Dublin band featuring Ed Darragh (vocals/ keyboards ex Toy With Rhythm ) and John McCrea (pianist and songwriter, later of Swim), Geoffrey’s First Affair won the Q102 Battle of the Bands Contest in 1986. In September 1986 they released a Larry Mullen produced single on Solid Records, the first release by that label.

And The Days Go By (1986)

One Response to “Geoffrey’s First Affair”

  1. my goodness….. so it’s true! just received a phone call from a mate in London to say that ‘we’ could be found on the fanning sessions….. I’m intrigued and delighted….and how wonderful it was to hear Fanning’s voice again (brief as it was)….. anyways was wondering if you could help me out here at – what’s the possibilty of seeking copyright permission to board this clip on my myspace website….. just a thought? if the answer is no…. then no worries….. maybe someone could email me back with an answer……. thrilled I found this website…. going to trawl through massive amount of favs…… (ps this we recorded in 1986 – in 1990 I was blessed with luck and joined the Fanning radio team as a researcher and producer under the gorgeous Jim Lockhart – I worked on the Fanning sessions and loved every single moment during my working life with phenomenal Fanning….. The FAB Ian Wilson ……. and the gorgeous Jim Lockhart…did I mention that I thought Jim was gorgeous……. best wishes Edskii (aka Ed Darragh)

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