The Mountain Climbers – Grace


Today’s band, The Mountain Climbers from Dublin, released one single in 1988 on Solid Records (or was it 1987) and then disappeared off the side of the planet. At least that’s what seems to have happened. I look forward to being corrected. Anyway it’s a great little single which I hope you enjoy..

Grace (1988)

5 Responses to “The Mountain Climbers – Grace”

  1. Great to see “Grace” getting an opportunity to find some new fans. The single was produced and engineered by Paul Thomas. The band were formed by Tom O’Brien (vocals/guitar) with Brian Foley (bass), Dave Sweeney (guitar), Robbie (Drums) and Padraig McCaul from the Harvest Ministers on Saxaphone. Despite some good interest following the release of Grace on Solid records the band failed to get a long term record deal and called it a day about a year later.

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thank you Padraig for filling in the blanks (and for the great music)!

  3. Ken Sweeney Says:

    I roadied for the Climbers a few times- can remember they did a Fanning session. Singer Tom directed the Harvest Ministers video ‘Six O’Clock Is Rosary – and was an acclaimed playwright for a while. All great guys….

  4. Tom O'Brien Says:

    Ken, am I still not an acclaimed playwright? My next play will be on in the Teacher’s Club, Parnell Square, from February 11th to 23rd 2013. It’s a comedy called LOVE IN THE AIR. My last play HAPPY LOVING COUPLES played in the same venue last November. Check out HAPPY LOVING COUPLES THEATRE PROMO on you tube.

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