Thee Amazing Colossal Men (Demo)


Formed in 1985 and featuring Joey Barry, Sid Rainey and Garret Lee now of Jacknife Lee fame Thee Amazing Colossal Men were active until 1990 when they released the album ‘Totale’ on Siren Records. In 1989 they represented Ireland at the Eurorock Festival held in Novi Sad, in then Yugoslavia and also feaured on RTE show ‘7 Bands On The Up’. This track is from a demo they recorded in Sun Studio, Temple Bar in 1987. In 1990 the band reformed as Compulsion in which guise they made a number of releases.

Loganberry Woman (Demo)

14 Responses to “Thee Amazing Colossal Men (Demo)”

  1. What a band..tuned guitar for them for a couple of gigs

  2. Maeve Barry Says:


  3. recorded in sun studio temple bar 1987

  4. Fanning Sessions Says:

    thanks dapple!

  5. John Kennedy Says:

    Any idea where you might get a copy of the album?

  6. Fanning Sessions Says:

    I don’t, don’t have a copy myself either.

  7. Sid Rainey Says:

    It was a great time!! xxxxxx

  8. It wasn’t for contractual reasons for the name change. It just evolved into a different band.

  9. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks Gerry, have corrected that.

  10. I have the colossal men lp on mp3 send me your email and I will forward those tracks

    I knew the band well and went to many of their gigs

  11. great times indeed

  12. Alan Halford Says:

    I have the album Totaled on cd. Also have Superlovexperience on 7″. Great band.

  13. Chris O'Brien Says:

    Great band! I recorded this song as part of a six song demo that included the brilliant “Superlove Experience” I think they got a deal with the tape. The programming was done by Hinterland’s Gerry Leonard who later became Bowie’s Musical director. Garrett “Jackknife” Lee became one of the top record producers in the world. Talent in spades. Great songs!

  14. John Hume Says:

    Hi Folks. Does anyone know what Joey Barry does these days and if he still sings at all?

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