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Formed in 1984 Cactus World News recorded a Fanning session in May 1985. Three months later they released their first single “The Bridge” on Mother Records produced by none other than Bono. The band received much media attention in the UK press and were thought to be the next big thing to come from these shores. This of course resulted in less favourable reviews closer to home. Despite an appearance on the soundtrack for mould breaking TV series Miami Vice (for heavy use of popular music) and kind words from Lou Reed the band disintegrated in 1989 when their second album was shelved. The second album was finally released in 2005 along with an expanded edition of the first album ‘Urban Beaches’ which included the Fanning Session track I have chosen today although this is the original version from my trusty cassette archive.

State Of Emergency (1985)

3 Responses to “Cactus World News”

  1. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Cactus World News appear to be doing a few dates in July although their website appears none the wiser. They play Cork’s Cyprus Avenue on July 28th and the INEC in Killarney on July 30th as part of the Celtic Rock Festival with Simple Minds and Cry Before Dawn.

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Dan Hegarty dug this session out of the archives and rebroadcast it in full on August 5th 2013. The remaining tracks were ‘Worlds Apart’ and ‘Pilots Of Beka’..

  3. Join Cactus World News on Facebook @

    Pete x

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