Cypress, Mine!

Regular readers might have gathered that the title of this blog is more aspirational than manifesto and I have been padding out the posts between sessions with demos and the occasional single or album track. All posts have one common theme; they were played on The Dave Fanning Show in the late eighties. These tracks are culled from the dying cassette collection of a fortysomething who can’t believe how good this music still sounds. Ideally I would hope to inspire others to dig out sessions they might have recorded or to colour in some detail to the sometimes minimal information which is available on these bands. Maybe younger readers might finally be in a position to check out some band they’ve heard of but never managed to track down.

Anyway on with the music. Listening to these old cassettes I often find this song or that going round in my head for days. I’ll sing snippets and annoy the kids until they beg me to stop. Maybe someday they’ll stumble across this blog and it’ll all become clear.. ‘Sugarbeet God’ is just such a track and because I have it to hand I’m going to accompany it with a track from their 1988 album ‘Exit Trashtown’. The band is of course Cork favourites Cypress, Mine!

Cypress Mine! were Ciaran O’Tuama (vocals), Ian Olney (guitar), Denis O’Mullane (bass) and Mark Healy (drums). They released three singles; ‘In The Big House’ (1987), ‘Justine’ (1987) and ‘Sugarbeet God’ (1988) and one album ‘Exit Trashtown’ (1988) all on on Solid Records. Ian Olney went on to become a member of Power Of Dreams in 1990.

The Sugar Beet God (1988)

Justine (1987)

9 Responses to “Cypress, Mine!”

  1. Thank you a million times!! I have been looking for ‘sugarbeet god’
    for years! please tell me where you can buy it!

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    A copy of the ‘The Sugar Beet God’ 7″ sold recently here: for €25..

  3. thanks for uploading both songs and i’ve been looking for their you have this? even mp3 format i want very much.thanks again 🙂

  4. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Takashi, I’m ashamed to admit I don’t have the album but I am actively looking.

  5. Denis O'Mullane Says:

    Thanks for posting these tracks. The blog looks wicked.

  6. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thank you Denis. Am I correct in assuming you played bass with the band.. Can you please enlighten me, is it ‘Sugar Beet’ or ‘Sugar Beat’? You wouldn’t have any MP3s would you, I only have the above two tracks.

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