The Riordans

My memory has failed me on this one so I’m appealing for help. This song has been going round in my head all weekend so I’m going to share despite not knowing it’s title or origin.

Updated 23 July 2009 following a tipoff from Summerproject and an email exchange with Pat:

Comprising Pat Clafferty (vocals/acoustic guitar), Jill Hahn (guitar), Damien Byrne (bass) and Milo Madden (drums) The Riordans recorded at least three songs as part of this session, the others were ‘Which Road to Go?’ and ‘Dustbowl Dress’. They recorded a single for Mother Records in Windmill Lane which alas never saw the light of day. Jill and Pat went on to form Mexican Pets and were soon joined by Derrick Dalton of Hey Paulette on bass but that’s another story.

Blue Blue Blue

7 Responses to “The Riordans”

  1. Summerproject Says:

    This is Pat Clafferty and i think Jill from before they became Mexican Pets.

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks Summerproject, you were of course completely correct and I have now updated the post.

  3. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Have posted the remaining session tracks here

  4. Milo Riordan Says:

    Lads the quality here is bad! Have a better one in the attic somewhere! Nostalgic tho….

  5. So Milo, you been to the attic yet? 🙂

  6. It’s a big attic! Yes, i found it but reluctant to post it to you in case it gets lost as it might be the only copy!?

  7. Definitely wouldnt want that! Will be in touch via email to see if we can sort something, great to hear you found the tape!

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