33rd Hurricane

Donegal doesn’t seem to be doing too bad, first The Wild Herrings and now today’s contribution who hail from Carndonagh. They are called 33rd Hurricane and this is a great demo track called ‘Like A Dream’. The quality is decidedly lo-fi but maybe that’s why it works so well. This was recorded from the radio in 1989. The normally reliable IPNWD has no entry but does list the presence of tracks ‘Goodbye’ and ‘December Days’ on the 1989 Danceline Records compilation ‘Nationwide 2’. They released one single I know of ‘Shotgun Blast’ / ‘Till I Find You’.

Update: 33rd Hurricane were Finbarr Doherty (vocals, guitar), Liam Bradley (drums, backing vocals), Delilah Cuddihy (keyboards, backing vocals), John McGrory (guitar), and Neil McGrory (bass). Finbarr wrote all the songs and ‘Like A Dream’ was recorded on a cassette 4 track recorder.

Finbarr Doherty is now performing as a solo artsist and has released albums ‘Across the Water‘ (1997) and most recently ‘Skyscrapers’ (2011). Check out his music on breakingtunes or on MySpace

Like A Dream (Demo)

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