The Subterraneans – Maxi-Joy (demo)


Next up we have a demo from a Dublin band that appeared at number 41 in the 1986 Fab Fifty. It is of course Carling/Hot Press Band winners The Subterraneans. They also recorded a Fanning session in that year but I only have the demo recording. I also have a recording of Slum but will post that later (Update: done). Maxi Joy was eventually released as a single on Mother Records in 1987. Have a listen to that version here.


14 Responses to “The Subterraneans – Maxi-Joy (demo)”

  1. It´s 23 years old that song, and it still sounds as fresh as anything. Great stuff.

  2. a must-listen for 80’s style music. kind of punk,kind of Doors, great listen

  3. Fanning Sessions Says:

    I hadn’t pegged them as punk but after hearing their contribution to the Freedom Of Choice compilation kindly upped by DIY Archive I see what you mean.

  4. saw this amazing band in Sides..around this time.
    I watched from the DJ box and drooled.
    the crowd in Sides were very well informed but we all knew this band were saying something very special..

  5. havent heard this demo in ages love it

  6. had this on 12″ way back but it got stolen 😦
    haven’t heard this in years but had crawled the basement bins more than once to find it.

    remember an amazing gig in some church in christchurch.


  7. remember that song Oh Mister well. Great song

  8. A full Fanning session with the band exists! Any chance of getting that up online somewhere?

  9. 1 of the best bands i seen back in the day still listen to their demos pure class

  10. Remember the song oh Mister from that session. Would be brilliant if someone could post clip of it. Fantastic song.

  11. Mike Maguire Says:

    Did they ever release anything apart from the Slum/Maxi Joy single on Mother Records? They were a fantastic band – would love to hear more of their songs.

  12. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Hello Mike, have a listen to the three posts on this site and then read the comments over here

  13. Mike Maguire Says:

    Thanks for that. This is a link to the single Slum/Maxi Joy

  14. Ann marie Says:

    Wow. Why were they not superstars??

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