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Soon (1993 Demo)

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Originally based in Cork (1986-1988) Soon were to reform in a Dublin-based incarnation (1992-1996) and that is the lineup who recorded this 1993 demo – Tony O’Sullivan (vocals), Martin Dunlea (guitar), Simon McVeigh (bass) and Willie Walsh (drums). The second track features Maurice Seezer on accordion. The comments are from Tony O’Sullivan on Soundcloud.

This is the first song of four demo’d by the Cork/Dublin incarnation of SOON at Ringsend Road Studios, Dublin in early January 1993. Written by Tony O’Sullivan and recorded and mixed by Willie Mannion, it was given extensive airplay by RTE’s Dave Fanning which helped the band to quickly build an audience on the Dublin music scene at the time. A song dealing with the often tragic consequences of religious mania, SOON’s drummer Willie, a devout Christian, agonised on the day over whether it bordered on sacrilege and became increasingly reluctant to play on it. Ultimately, it was only recorded after some detailed analysis of the lyric and I’m glad he trusted me, his groove here is phenomenal. He did however say “Tony man, this is so fuckin’ dark” and he was right. It still is.

Straitjacket Jesus (1993)

A Hip-Hop Tango recorded at the height of Grunge! Also a playful dig at the insipient Pop scene of the day, this was the second of four songs recorded on the same day in January ’93 and features guest musician Maurice Seezer on suitably sinister Accordion. It was a lot of fun to play (despite the key changes) and the line “You kiss my hand, you don’t know where it’s been” still brings a smile to the face. Martin’s lead playing here is pretty special I think.

Moody Mean & Squeaky Clean (1993)

One of four songs SOON put down on tape in one day in January 1993 at Ringsend Road Studios, Dublin, it was recorded live in one take (and later mixed) by Willie Mannion. Featuring Kevin Murphy (cello).

The Other Woman Wins (1993)

Burning Embers (1986 Session)

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Image via

Image via

I’ve been trawling the archive for something vaguely related to Sir Henry’s in Cork, the subject of an upcoming exhibtion at UCC Library hence today’s post. Burning Embers were Sean O’Neill (vocals), John Poland (guitars), Niall Macken (keyboards), Mel Poland (bass), Gordon Ashe (drums). They recorded this session for Dave Fanning on November 17th 1986.

Champagne & Toffee (1986)

Waiting (1986)

The Blood Game (1986)

And NUN Came Back – A tribute to Finbarr Donnelly (1962 – 1989)

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Tonight The Pavilion, Cork pays tribute to Finbarr Donnelly. Donnelly fronted seminal Cork bands Nun Attax, Five go Down to the Sea? and Beethoven between 1978 and his untimely death in London’s Serpentine in 1989. To commemorate 25 years since his passing on June the 18th Ricky Dineen has put together ..and NUN Came Back, featuring himself, Liam Heffernan, Humphrey Murphy, Tom Healy and Ian Walsh who will play songs from the back catalogue of all 3 bands.

Be sure to check out ‘Get That Monster Off The Stage’ a radio documentary produced by Paul McDermott on Finbarr Donnelly featuring interviews with Cathal Coughlan and Sean O’Hagan amongst many others.

Belsonic Sound (1988 Session)

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This is the second Fanning session by Cork outfit Belsonic Sound and was recorded on 20th June 1988. The band featured Finny Corcoran (guitar & vocals), Gene Russel (bass), Jim O’Mahony (keyboards) and John McCormack (drums). Thanks to ‘Cork Bands of The 80’s‘ for digging out the photo.

Sex Cells / Alcohol / We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place (1988)

Interference (1988 Session)

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Interference in 2007 - Fergus O'Farrell, Paul Tiernan, Marja Gaynor, Bertrand Galen (c) Jason Lee

Interference in 2007 – Fergus O’Farrell, Paul Tiernan, Marja Gaynor, Bertrand Galen (c) Jason Lee

In 1988 as far as I can make out Interference were Fergus O’Farrell (vocals, piano & guitar), James O’Leary (guitars,) Maurice Culligan (piano, keyboards), Kevin Murphy (bass, cello), Cal MacCarthy (drums), Colm McCaughey (fiddle). They recorded this Fanning session on 10th February 1988. Also worth checking out is ‘A Talent for Life – The Fergus O’Farrell Story‘ an RTE Radio 1 documentary.

Interference (1988) courtesy Interference Archive

Interference (1988) courtesy Interference Archive

Raise The Blade (1988)

Ordinary Man (1988)

Perfection (1988)

Real Mayonnaize

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From Cork Real Mayonnaize were (from left to right) Dave “Skully” Sullivan (organ), Dave Rudd (drums) and Jerry Buckley (bass, cello).

Breakfast Man (1986)

Expresso Mambo

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Another Cork band, Expresso Mambo were Marc Parry (vocals/percussion), Mick Finnegan (guitar), Eoghain MacCarthy (guitar), Kamla Das (bass) and Johann DeWolf (drums). They recorded a Fanning session on 13/01/1987 featuring the tracks ‘Misfortune’, ‘I Know’, ‘When She Comes’ and ‘City Lights’

Wow – that track – it’s called ‘Reflections’ and I reckon it was recorded at Gunther Berkus’s home studio on a Fostex
8 track reel to reel and mastered on a Revox B77 – we did several mixes of that session – including some that were just for ourselves – but the one you have is what we used for cassette promo and that helped get us the gigs around the country and eventually get invited to do the Fanning session.

irishrock have their wires crossed slightly.. The real story, if truth be told, was that Marc Parry had been with Cargo Cult – but then took a hiatus to visit Africa (where among other things he landed a job as an extra part in the film ‘Out of Africa’) – that’s also when he came across African music and brought a mass of tapes and thumb pianos back to Ireland with him

Expresso Mambo didn’t happen straight off: Marc started appearing and guesting with the funk band Max Von Rap, of which Mick Finnegan was a member (NB also Rob McKahey of Stump had played drums on their Kawasaki single before departing to London). Before Max Von Rap did eventually break up, there was a time when Joe Rex started to play bass in John Borrowman’s Very Much In Love later renamed The Atrix (second edition); by the time they started playing gigs locally, Max Von Rap had more or less wound up.

It was only after John B. moved back to Dublin that I remember Marc calling around to me with some ideas about forming a new band based on african guitar sounds & rhthyms; he said it needed two guitarists for it to work – that’s when he approached Mick Finnegan and Mick was intrigued with the idea of trying out something new as well as the opportunity to work with his own numbers. By the time Reflections got written & recorded, Kamla Das had joined us on bass and Johann on drums.


Reflections (1986)


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