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At Gunpoint (1986 Demo)

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From Dublin, At Gunpoint were Karl Walsh (vocals), Didi Cassidy (lead guitar), Woppy McGrath (rhythm guitar), Sam Cregan (bass) and Alan Shaughnessy (drums). At Gunpoint recorded a Fanning session in 1987 but this track is from their 1986 demo. Photo courtesy

All Go Away (1986 Demo)

The Fountainhead – All Is Red

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From Dublin, one lineup of The Fountainhead according to was Pat O’Donnell (guitar), Steve Belton (guitar), Phil Rennicks (keyboards), Willie Demange (bass/synth) and Peter McKinney (drums). Essentially though the band was a duo around based around Pat O’Donnell and Steve Belton who appear in any publicity photos I’ve seen. This particular track is not listed in the band discography and could be a demo, hopefully a reader can help fill in the blanks.

All Is Red (1986?)

The Pleasure Cell (1986 Session)

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From Dublin, The Pleasure Cell were Noel Green (guitar & vocals), Dermot Reid (bass), Williard (drums) and Barry H (guitar). They recorded a Fanning session on 5th May 1986 featuring 3 tracks; ‘Keeping The Secret’, ‘Nuclear Device’ and ‘Father Dear’. The tape we have lists a different name, ‘Uniformed Man’ for the third track. If anyone has further details please let us know. Check out this 1987 video of ‘She’s Just A Girl’ for RTE’s ‘Visual Eyes‘.

‘Keeping The Secret’ (1986)

‘Nuclear Device’ (1986)

‘Uniformed Man’ (1986)

The Furious Colour (Demo)

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The Furious Colour recorded a Fanning session on 30th June 1986 featuring 3 tracks, ‘Torn Apart’, ‘Carrion’ and ‘Closer’, the last of which is particularly strong and can be found here. This track is from a demo recorded by the Cork(?) band which featured Kieran Kennedy, Dave Horner, Shay Fitzgerald and Gerry O Connor. I’m guessing Dave played this in 1986 but some further detective work may be required. I will of course update with your feedback and photos..

In Vain’ (Demo)


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